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  1. That is encouraging Ty, thanks. By the way, no body said anything about the cast iron anvil, how much of a problem does that pose? With gratitude, Daniel
  2. John, Dave, Jake, Richard and Deker, Thanks alot for the insight. As soon as I get a chance to retry the weld I will follow your advice and let you know how it works out. All of your points made a lot of sense, and I can see why it failed. Thanks a bunch, Daniel
  3. I decided to try welding some O-1 today, and although I was very excited because it looked promising, ultimately it failed completely (except in the "armpit" of the weld). I started by bending a piece 1/2" O-1 over 180 degrees onto itself to try what I believe is called a faggot weld. Once I bent it over completely and could not see any light between the two pieces I put it back in the forge and brought it to a medium-bright orange. Once it reached that temperature I pulled it out and brushed it (you will laugh in a second), then fluxed it, then put it back in to bring it back up to heat.
  4. Thank you all. After I posted that, I did some more searches here on other materials, and picked up that most people think it is a better idea period to buy known stock. I think I will do this more than anything else, but for novelty sake, it does seem like it would be fun to work with unknown materials. However, that sense might disappear after I crack a blade that I spend 20 hours on. Thanks again!
  5. Hi guys, I was brain storming today about easy ways to scavenge materials. I thought about sprockets and chains from bikes, but I am not sure if they are high carbon, or what type they are. Has anyone heard what they are made of? I have also looked for a guide of how to scavenge good quality steel from junk yards or trash. Both for novelty sake and for budget, I would like to try this. Thanks, Daniel
  6. Thanks Jake. Would you use the same term for the following scenario: I want to forge a small camp axe or hatchet, and in my limited knowledge I don't know how to make and enlarge an eye hole for the handle to go in. I was planning on starting with a piece of stock around 1 inch thick where the eye would be, and then using a custom made punch, or a set of them, to drive into the center of this and expand it. Is this considered drifting, or something else?
  7. I was just reading a post and found a term that I did not understand, and could not discern from the context. Drifting. If someone has the time, could they help me out with this. Sincerely, Daniel
  8. Thank you very much Jesus. I will try the wire and let you guys know how it goes.
  9. This may be a ignorant question, but I have only ever arc welded. Does welding the billet together (and welding on a handle) ruin the steel in those spots by burning the carbon? If not, could I arc weld a billet together to forge weld that way?
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