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  1. Cossack mattock according to the finding of the Battle of Berestechko 1651. The ax is forged from an old steel. Forge welded blade, steel C105W1.
  2. Hello After a really long time, I would like to show a couple of new products. Replica medieval ax lumberjack.
  3. This is a very nice knife. Really beautiful work.
  4. Adding photo leather covers the blade Viking adze.
  5. Small hammer for a friend's birthday. shaft of acacia
  6. Thank you gentlemen I would just also add that it is forged of 7 packets. 2 after 19 layers and 5 packets after 76 layers Five packets were welded together and welded to the regions with 19 layers of packets. The total package was less than 5 kg
  7. Thank you. I appreciate a kind comment.
  8. Viking adze. Blade length 100 mm. Shaft ash and plum. Teslic with plum haft is Peter Floriánka
  9. I would like to introduce you to Damascus tomahawk, which I made for one customer. I used the wood haft Ovangord. Indian decorating my friend made ​​one that he killed this topic a bit. The date on the damask label is customized. It has important significance for the customer. At the top of the needle damascus that is hidden in the Shaft and pipe-cleaning bowl. Photographed Tomahawk Tomas Rucker
  10. thank you all and I am glad that tools like Troy Christianson: I like, the video is beneficial in other ways than just seeing. Jsem rád že video je prospěšná i jiným způsobem, než jen na sledování. Now I've got a few photos of the old shingle knife from Wallachian Open Air Museum
  11. thank you even add old video production where the shingles. .
  12. Knife in the manufacture of shingles this knife is for cutting a "V" grooves to shingles. I used to handle a tumor of the Birches and the steel knife 54CrSi6 equivalent 9260
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