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  1. the fuller was ground in i know it is possable to forge um but i am not set up for that ...i used a cut off type of grinding wheel in a 4.5 in grinder to cut groove for guide then use a air die grinder to make the fuller the pommel was a lost wax casting i made years ago in a lost wax class the dezign is similar to single edge swords from the 17th /18 th century ... i did not purposefully copy any certan blade just made what i wanted at the time..
  2. my latest sword about 28 inches overall 23 in blade with a forged red bronze guard and a cast bronze pommel . sword blade is forged from 1075.
  3. well if you are used to coal propane is a bit different... it will oxidize a lot more! you are probably not burning but oxidizing badly ... hard to tell with pictures on temp ... you are going to have a hotspot on this type of forge unless you do something to difuse the flame more (ribbon burner,or change forge so flame blast swirls ) . hope this helps.
  4. i had a order for a bunch and ended up in the 55 rockwell range .. i actually had to straighten a couple of them after hardening and tempering... it took a lot to het um straight they were tough...
  5. i see a napping hammer a screwdriver and it looks like a vent pick ... it may do other things also....
  6. ime doing a similar build but useing a toaster ovens elements for heating and ko wool for insulation.. still trying to figure out how the pid thingy works tho ... got the hookups figured out and got it powered just have to figure how to program it . got the correct ssr (luckily) .. just have to wrap my mind around the setup mode ... your tempering kiln looks good good luck!
  7. o man that was almost scaary!!! it was comical tho...
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