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  1. Pics arent showing. Am i too late to see the show?
  2. I am interested in one of those anvils properly advertised I think a "go fund me" type thing might make someone some dough hint hint.
  3. how do you quench? I was wondering what kind of steel in them
  4. cheese knife and board is a great gift! I'll send you my address
  5. You should take a close look at your work and compare it to others in the KITH before joining.
  6. yeah my heat treating isnt top notch, thats for sure. I'm more of a farmer than a blacksmith, but I spent a few years in a couple machine shops when I was younger. That's why I don't post on this board often. I really have nothing to bring to the table with this crowd, but I love all the information everyone shares so freely.
  7. i have no idea what they originally looked like but I was gonna mimic larger shears I've seen. For heat treatment, I was hoping to quench it in my 5 gallon transmission fluid tank, probably preheated, and then temper it. But I'm not sure how soft to go. Since it's so small I had another thought, make it into a hot cut hardy tool. May be a bit overkill for hot cutting but the blade type would be more forgiving. BTW... sorry about the sideways pic. just snapped it with my phone. I dunno why it rotated on me.
  8. Just double checked. looks like a 4" blade. It says " Stryco San Francisco" on one side and "Model" on the other. no model # or anything.
  9. I just got an old small bench top shear that is missing it's blades. It's built like a little arbor press and looks like it needs about a 3" long blade. I was going to try to fix it up and make new blades for it. What type of steel would be good for that ?
  10. I've been looking at this thread for over almost 2years. I finally have the jack and a lot of steel but I dunno about my welding. Only because I'm only using a little mig. I have the Hobart Handler 140. I havent had any of my welds fail(YET), I've welded things that are way thicker than it's rated for, but i chamfer the pieces and go slow and make multiple passes. What do you guys think that are using full power welders? Should I attempt this or should i find another welder? I worry about hiring out the job since I really want it perfectly square and plumb. I personally trust my
  11. will a venturi burner still work if it's not in a straight line? like if you took the nozzle off and put a elbow on there and then a short section with a nozzle as normal? I have a t-rex and one made of plumbing fittings. i want to make a forge just to weld but for where i want to put it, I dont want to have that long burner sticking out. can i put a bend in it and still expect it to perform?
  12. no diabetes I remember that there was very little breeze outside both nights. very still out. so that could explain the lack of air movement. plus the long forging times on those nights. no more forging for me until i get some ventilation going. at the very least have the doors open and a fan blowing. the carbon monoxide detector says it doesnt work below 40 degrees and i do most forging in the winter when i have more time. so, ventilation is the plan.
  13. Well, let me say that i down played "dizzy" put it this way.... i was forging and then the next thing i know i was back in the house and my shoes were missing. I went back outside and looked around and I evidently blacked out TOOK OFF MY SHOES(it was so cold out i was wearing full carhart coveralls) and came back in the house. At least in my stupor i managed to turn off the forge before i left it. the second time i TOOK OFF MY GLASSES not just safety glasses, my prescription ones. and i am very blind with out them. Blind like i couldn't recognize a best friend at 5feet away
  14. it doesnt say on the package one way or the other. I finally found one tidbit online mentioning it was just slightly lighter than air. so i'm gonn hang it at face level. the shop isnt really sealed up very well. in fact i tried to make sure there was openings at the floor and ceiling, but better safe than sorry
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