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    Great Brak River Western Cape South Africa
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    Blades of all types/sizes
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  1. Too true Dave, great knife James!
  2. Nice job on that bowie, very tidy...
  3. Now you've got me drooling! Superb!
  4. very cool Hloh! well done
  5. beautifull work! great fit and finish on those!
  6. nice to see you back on here Karl! great knife!
  7. as above, very clean work!
  8. that day could arrive sooner than you think, well done one your first attempt!
  9. welcome, nice to see your stuff! cool leafblade dagger there!
  10. i feel old!....nive work there, and looking forward to your next project!
  11. Very cool bowie! nice workon that one!
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