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  1. So good to see you back, Matthew! And some very cool work there!
  2. Makes me feel like getting back into the restaurant game again!
  3. nice looking wrap! I'll have to learn how to...can't wait to see it done! the whole hilt is prety amazing!
  4. That came out stunningly! Very cool work!
  5. Very sleek and handsome! I dig it!
  6. So good to see new young talent like that! Love that bowie!!!
  7. Love 'em both! But the wrought is my favorite!
  8. Get busy on those handles, James!
  9. Cool! Must get around to making another!
  10. Quite a funky looking knife! I like it...
  11. Good to see it finished, James! The scroll looks like it will do it's intended job well...
  12. Nice little hunter, hope it serves you well!
  13. Very cool bowie! Love the handle!
  14. It looks even better here than on fb! Nice one!
  15. What a superb job you did on that! And that oak looks wonderful!
  16. Very nice work George! That is so tastefully done, it has a spirit of it's own!
  17. Nice job on that, looks like a good workhorse to me!
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