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  1. That worked out very well! Nice job!
  2. Fantastic post! Thanks for sharing!
  3. NO...leave the truck George! Stay with these two amazing works...
  4. That has to be my favorite of your work to date! Everything about it is just amazing!
  5. What an inspirational piece! And that scabbard...
  6. Nice one Joe! As above, keep doing it!
  7. A beauty! Just perfect in every way!
  8. I reicieved it yesterday, now I just have to fill it...
  9. I'm sure she will enjoy it! nicely done...
  10. Interesting! They are going to be awesome!
  11. Nicely done, love the textures!
  12. So a new tablet, sorry about the poor quality of the photo's, seems my camera has lost it's ability to take pictures!a long pointy thing with oryx horn and red ivory handle and an unusual bowie type, [for me anyhow] with bone and oryx horn
  13. Tim, a bit of a belly on the underside of the handle would help it a lot...I like the idea though!
  14. sorry about those, seems my camera has had a "fit" of sorts! will try take some beter pics in future,all my electronic devices seemed to go on the blink at the same time!
  15. Hi all! Here are three little hunters, giraffe bone and tamboeti/black stinkwood/red ivory scales
  16. Love em, especially the one in the last photo!
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