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  1. Very neat package, nice work!
  2. I've always wanted a cheese slicer, and now I want one even more!!!
  3. Another beauty, I Don't know how you get everything so perfect!
  4. Definatly deserving of the win! Beauties they are indeed!
  5. A beauty! I too would love to see the hilted up blade...
  6. Looking good so far! As Kevin said handle shape is all important!
  7. I use a 'portable' gas supply, no regulator, just jetted right, adjustable air in let, don't see any burners...you can't feed the flame through the front of the forge...I'll posta pic if you need, but Johns link is all you need to work it out!the 'trashcan' thingmaay work with charcoal, but too deep in my opinion..you'll neel air 'volume' to make it work! Not high pressure, just plenty air flow...a pic of the entire setup would help as I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve here...
  8. Cool! I gave up on little ones, too much strain on old eyes!
  9. That dagger is just amazing Niels, perfecly balanced patern! Don't know how you managed it!
  10. As above! A very cool flowing look to it, great materials and finish!
  11. Good looking bowie! Nice fit and cool materials on it too!
  12. Very cool knife Caleb! Kevin's trick with the peening of the bolster works, and is now my favorite method of getting a tight fit! Keep up the good work!
  13. Tiaan, that has left me gobsmacked!!!was waiting to see the leaf veins done...superb!
  14. At last I can comment, electronic meltdown, ( the joys of. Living in Africa!) Cool project, and waiting in anticipaaaaaation! Get on with it lad! I have little patience! Love these projects!
  15. Oh, by the way,I temper old files/saw blades etc, at 150 C, two cycles of 1hr each...then test, (on an oil stone) to see if it is too hard/soft, experiance of sharpening many knives tells me...
  16. As Alan said...looks big to me, nothing to refer to, but having snapped many a blade...that grain doesn't look even...and as Gabriel asked, did you? A good check before working old steel is to grind it smooth, then etch, (vinegar will do,) rub down with water paper on a hard backing, and cracks will show up...as a 'rust line' then you can expect the steel to break! I've learned to test every piece I make before all that hard work, if a flaw shows, put it aside 'till you make a P/weld billet, it should weld it's self together again during this process! But that does look as if you've over heate
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