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  1. Wow! Incredible work! Wish I could have made it to F+B, just to see this in person would make my year!
  2. Great shape on that one, nice work!
  3. Very cool...nice fit and finish on them!
  4. Very cool, all three, but the sword floats my boat!
  5. Allan, it's astigmatism that kills me too! After an hour with files, I develope a migrain of note! damn old age!( And I'm only 19...as my picture clearly shows! A braver man than me you are!
  6. Thanks Gregory...now I can never make another dagger until I practise a lot!!! Cool work, and always a pleasure to see...
  7. Those look realy cool! All my kitchen knive have been made from L6, performs well and keeps it's edge...one sugestion though, it looks crumby but if you angle the handle up a bit, it gives good 'knuckle clearance' I normally go with a bigger belly to give the clearance I desire...cool knive, whoever ends up using 'em will love 'em!
  8. Very cool! Thanks for the pics, and description of the tool!
  9. Nice piece, like the shape on that too!
  10. Glad you got back to it! Very cool!
  11. Hi Prof! Not my favourite either, but made one on order....6 later I'm sick of 'em!
  12. Thanks guys,Brian I soak the blades in spirit vinegar after ht, neutralise with baking soda, and the steel is dark grey, excess epoxy from the. Scales gets "rubbed in" to the filework, and holds the 'colour'...(I only use clear epoxy..)
  13. Hi all, not been working for a while, had a slight meltdown but it's good to be back in the workshop! A little hunter with giraffe bone and black stinkwood scales and the last warthog tusk skinner for a while...blades are L6 And the start of autum for us in africa! Thanks for taking a look! Miles
  14. Thanks Gerald! That is a cool tutorial! Nice pic and cool axe!
  15. Very nice wip, lots of good info! Can't wait to see the chef's knife done!
  16. Such a pleasure to see! I love that split fuller...and everything else about it!
  17. Very cool and inspiring work, (as always!)
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