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  1. So cool! Pics look much better here than on Fb! Stunning work sir!
  2. Nice to see your work...cool stuff!
  3. Very usefull! My workbench is full of those, just not p/welded!!!(Result of many a dreaded "click" during HT!)... Love it!
  4. Just a word on shrinkage, cut your scales and make a 'light box oven' use some fridge/oven grids or expanded steel mesh as shelves, use a low power. Light bulb, like a refridgerators, weigh one of the scales and mark it, check for loss after +-5 days, once the weight stays constant they are ready to use...
  5. Great looking work on that one Gary,love your historical bowies!
  6. Very neat work! I'll have to make myself one of those scrapers!
  7. A beauty for sure, and I agree, time to make a blade! (Me too!)
  8. The results are cool, despite the few errors, if I'm shaping wood for the handles, I use two pieces and chisel out the tang groove then laminate them , that way you don't expose the epoxy...I'd rather have a faint line on the joint.
  9. Very cool little knife!!! I often make a copy of la guiole, the french folder, will have to make another soon!
  10. Great stuff! and welcome to the forum, I'm sure a lot of us will enjoy seeing more of your work...that can of bits and pieces came out really well,
  11. cool chisel! nice work John!!!
  12. amazing , I'll never look at a trowel the same way again...
  13. very cool! thanks Alan, I was curious on that one too!
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