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  1. Yep, I like the shape, handle, everything! Nicely done!
  2. Damn! That is something special! I'm seriously envious of your abilities...
  3. By the way my add. Is milesikisu@gmail.com looking forward to meeting a kindred spirit!
  4. Cool bro. I'm just down the road a bit...greatbrak river!!! Maybe we'll hook up sometime soon? Congrats, boy or girly?
  5. Hey,nice one Ric! Like the photo, would've said pic, but I'm no poet
  6. Hey,nice one Ric! Like the photo, would've said pic, but I'm no poet
  7. By the way, are you a South African like me?
  8. Why the heck have'nt you forged for so long??? You're depriving people like me from the inspiration I (we) need so badly... Love it all! But must agree, those folders... Stuning, just stuning, thanks for showing!!!
  9. Man that is seriously cool! I like very much!
  10. Hey there Nate! Nice blade! Due to geographical circumstances, (Living near a sawmill!) I use a lot of L6, and just get a faint mottling effect, not a real hamon... Don't know why! But never the less I really LOVE that blade!
  11. Magnificent blade! Well done! You deserved the win... I use bone often, and usualy laminate to keep thickness even, once again, nice job!
  12. Sorry, lost 1st part of quote, Petr, thank you, I can't believe what I'm seeing!
  13. Whoops, I'd change my fishing spot if I were you mate!
  14. Wow! That's some labour of love you put in there Stu,the carving is stunning!
  15. Neat little knife! It's urging me on too!
  16. Superbly done, I think I'll go play some Hendrix now, myself!
  17. Hey Jake, I 'm listening to 'no quarter by the boys of led.zep' also very primal! Thanks man, you've really made my evening!:...'
  18. I have a sudden urge to check my woodpile...
  19. AGood looking blade, as a general purpose hunter/skinner, it's. Just perfect!
  20. Maybe the one you dropped and shattered was a blessing in disguise! Seriously, that is realy neat, keep it up James!
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