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  1. I agree with you Rob, the only problem I have is one of jelousy...but keep them coming KT, maybe one day I'll get over it. Great stuff
  2. Very nice! I's amazing what can be done with bits and pieces that lay around...
  3. Wow...absolut vodka for an absolutly beautifull blade?
  4. Thanks guys, I always enjoy experimenting... Sometimes with good results , sometimes not!
  5. Yep, I should have caught up with all my work in about 2 weeks, then it'll be time for some more 'fun' projects!
  6. Hi all, I got bored with all the repetitious stuff I've had to do lately, so - dripped some candle wax on a blade,salt water etch it quite deeply the cold blued itm the result surprized me!
  7. Hi ther James, nice to see your work,I use a small gas forge for heat treating, it only just makes the steel hot enough to quench, solving the cracking problem.
  8. Nice knife sir, I too wouldn't ever part with it!
  9. Hey there Dave, good to see your work! I've used the mustard etch a few times myself, and found it to only etch on the edgeof the solution
  10. I think that it's just fantastic, truely
  11. A hefty and hansome looking piece of work, I realy like it!
  12. So, I strugle to get started... Maybe you could lend me that boot? Good stuff!
  13. About 5 years ago I designed this knife bought as a birthday present for her husband, a keen boar hunter, it had to comply with Germany's tough laws regarding carry. When he received it he said it was the ugliest knife he'd ever seen... After taking iton a hunt, she asked me to take the darn thing back 'cause he'd 'bonded with it!' He would'nt use anything else, and would extol it's virtues to whoever would listen, and now their friends were getting tired of it and started avoiding them... So here's ugly no. 2...
  14. Good looking piece of work! I really like it!
  15. Sure is a beauty, thanks for showing your talent
  16. I quite like it just the way it is, would love to feel it in the hand!
  17. Great to hear from you again, about 14 years ago you gave me some advice... I hope I've followed it well enough! Wishing you a speedy and full recovery, and can't wait to see more of your work , regards MIles
  18. Wow, I never realised how jealous I could be... Maybe one day...
  19. I think you've done a real nice job on them! Maybe an extension on the bolster to form a slight finger guard? I'm allergic to spilling my own blood woth a knife!
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