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  1. Great job for only your second knife! Some advice about skinners,(I've made quite afew, most clients of mine are hunters,) try to get the blade and tang straight, then cuve the blade only, because the best way to use a skinner is from the back of your hand, and the cutting edge should curl up towards your arm. Hope to see more work from you in future!
  2. Looks good, many hawks have been made that way, someday I'll give it a go!
  3. I normaly use clay, but on these it's etched using salt water and a 12v battery, I cover the finnished blade with adhesive vinyl then cut the patern out with a stencil knife, apply salty water clamp the positive electrode to the blade and insert a cigarette filter into t negative clip, wet it and move it evenly up and down the blade, I change the filter and solution 3 times, this gives a deep etch
  4. Real nice, bliksem is a good discription and I'm baie jaloors!!!
  5. Just compleated these three for a new client in record time. Scales are giraffe shin bone and dark stinkwood blade and bolsters in stainless rather unusual names salt water etched with guthook attatchments
  6. That looks thousands of years old,the pitting on blade is special! I drink lots of beer, not in wooden kegs though! Now I'm worried...
  7. Best wishes to your wife, can't wait to see it done!
  8. Love the carved handle, as soon as I've caught up on my backlog of orders I'll try my hand! Nicely done!
  9. Wow is about all I can manage too! Beauty of a pattern!
  10. That must have been a fun project! Have you ever tried a ' birds eye'pin? Brass pin with two washers, peen a head on one side before inserting, add a washer insert put on second washer, trim pin to just oversize, and peen second rivet head, no more split handle!
  11. That is just so beautifull! Thanks for showing and inspiring me!
  12. I like the shape, but also think the spine would look beter if aligned with top of handle. Do you draw file the blade? I seem to be able to get an almost perfecly flat blade using my eyes judgement, I just put a double handle on the file, my trick for fit is to use thin leather spacers, the take up any uneveness between the two parts, and 'give' or stretch if the wood swells or shrinks, hope I've been of some help!
  13. Most of my customers are actve hunters, so they drag things like this very old bone home, then trade it for a good discount on their next knife... A win win situaton
  14. Hi all I made this knife for a client who called me On Thursday looking to purchase 3 knives on for himself and 2 for his sons. The steel is 3CR12 stainless and the scales are Knysna Stinkwood With Giraffe bone and leather spacers. Thanks for looking Miles
  15. This bowie inspired knife is handy for hiking/camping, big enough for chopping wood etc. Blade is seletively hardened L6, OAL 325mm blade 195mm X 50mm 4mm thick. Not too heavy to carry, scales are sable antelope horn, Brazilian pepper with brass fittings Thanks for looking
  16. Hi all This small drop point hunter I made for a client recently The scales are Red Ivory, horn and Ivory(from a piece of tusk broken off during a fight) The steel is 3CR12 stainless Comments appreciated Thanks for looking
  17. This is a small hunter' combo that I came up with as I don't like making blades with a gut hook, I've broken a few hooks off during hardening! These sell as fast as I can make them!oal is 220mm.blade 110mm brass fittings,warthog ivory,blue wildebeast horn and African hardwoods complete the handle.a lightweight easy to carry worker! Thanks for looking
  18. Thanks Stinkwood grows in the Knysna forrests and smells like an old pit toilet when you work with it.
  19. I made this set for an Australian client,it will be complete once I've done the ten matching steak knives...all out of 3CR12 stainless steel which I hate working with.the next time I'll do in damascus The oal of both is 13 inch and the blade is 7 1/2 at the bolster, spine is .177 inch. My usual filework that I've done for the past 14 years. Salt water etching (ikisu) Swahilli for the knife. All in all quite a solid package! thanks for looking
  20. Hi there all, I've not posted anything for a year or three, but now I'm back in my workshop I thought you might like to see my take on the toothpick. Blade is L6, 18 inhes handle is a combination of ironwood, stinkwood,red ivory and Brazilian pepper tree with leather spacers,brass fittings
  21. Hi there Dave, good to see some 'local' work! I'm from great brak river,near mosselbay,nice work?
  22. I've always been off the opinion that a toothpick is sharp pointed, and double edged! One of these days I'll post my personal one for you to see... Great looker, keep up the insperational work!
  23. I have just made and sold six of these sets, the guthook is my own design. I didn't want to put the guthook on the knife as it spoiled the design of the knife.
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