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  1. If anyone else is interested, auction ends at 10:00 PM tomorrow. I won't be able to ship until I get back from D.C. Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll message you then.
  2. The starting bid drops to $60.00- shipping and handling included in price.
  3. The second blade is well underway, and I will resume work on it as soon as I recover enough from this hernia surgery.
  4. Bidding starts at $100 ($60) and ends September 30th.
  5. The first knife is complete! I've been working hard on this one, so without further delay, here she is. She has a slight re-curve and is about 12 inches overall. Her handle is 4 inches of ebony that I acquired in Malawi with steel pins. The blade is 8 inches long. I made this blade out of a recycled half-round file. I decided to leave it textured from heat treatment. She's nowhere close to perfect, but it turned out pretty well. If there are any more questions, please ask.
  6. The first knife is almost finished guys. It will emerge shortly.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement man.
  8. Right now, I am working on a knife similar to this one of mine, but it will have ebony scales from a piece that I got in Africa, and I think that I will give it a clean grind and polish. I hope that someone would be interested in it.
  9. This past summer, I had the amazing chance to travel to Malawi, Africa to share God's word with people, desperate to hear it. After coming back, I have realized that I am called to live there in a few years from now. I fell in love Africa, and I think often of her gentle, orange sunset and streets teeming with children that will follow you to the end of the Earth for affection and love. Someone very dear to me has been praying fervently about doing the same as I have. She has an opportunity to go to South Africa to work with orphans and to experience the work that God is doing there. I want
  10. Who has a good video demonstrating the entire sharpening process. Someone who purchased a tomahawk from me has asked about sharpening. I've done my best describing what stone's he needs over the internet, but I figured it be easiest to find a good video he could see.
  11. Meaning that you shall be finishing soon?
  12. Too many great blades are forgotten. I don't care anymore. The zombies can have me.
  13. Hello? Anyone home? I think I might cry...
  14. This all started when I was doing a forge temper on a blade, and it got a little too hot. It was nothing special, so I figured I would experiment. Instead of starting over, I water quenched. I repeated the same thing two more times, heating it to regular tempering heat this time. The result was a freaking tough blade. I haven't done much real experimentation with the process, but I tried the same thing a couple more times with different steels(I don't know any of the exact steels I used/recycled steel), and I've ended up with very tough and hard blades every time. Has anybody ever tried this?
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