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  1. Hey Isaiah: great looking forge buddy! I know exactly how much it cost you to make it and that wasn't much. I do admire how neat you keep it. That brick floor must have been an pain in the back to lay. I have enjoyed watching you use it and see what you bring out of it. I am looking forward to more and more excellent projects from you.


    Well thanks for letting me use it. :)

  2. I would think it would be wrought, you cant forge cast iron, it breaks up like short bread. (Well you can, you just have to burn the shit out of it for awhile hahaha)


    Wouldn't be much left I'm afraid.:(

  3. I'm 15 and I have no continuous flow of money. So I'm cheap.



    Notice the brazier on the right and the trash can behind it. Like I said I'm cheap, so I'll make wood fire in the brazier and shovel the coals into the trash can... or sometimes just straight into the forge.



    She used to be a workbench picked up at a tool sale. She was turned into a box for a forge.



    We ran a pipe with holes through it and filled her with Quickcrete.



    Now that we've got charcoal we need something to get it hot with. Yep... It's a hair dryer. It takes a lot of effort and charcoal to get her to weld, but aside from that she works just fine.

  4. Well guys, people are always asking about building forges, so I figured we could give them a wide variety of choices on the kind of forge and ways to build it. I'll start by posting my forge. :)

  5. This was a really fun project. I've been back in the shop after a bit of an idle period and I'm having a lot of fun. This is a real hefty piece, about 11&1/2" long. The balance is great and it's really satisfying to wield.





  6. Mr. Fogg,

    Every time I read your writings or see your work, I am inspired. You have been one of the greatest teachers I've had, yet I have never met you personally. You have done a tremendous amount for the bladesmithing community and we salute to you. Forever you will be remembered as a teacher, a craftsmen, a brother, an artist, a philosopher, a servant, a friend, and a master of the beautiful craft which we all love. May your beard shine brightly forever!


    ~Isaiah Lake

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