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  1. nice work! i think that wood might be spalted maple.


    i really like it. hope you bring it to the next trackrock B)



    Definitely, if I can make it out. It was hard enough getting a ride to this past one. But I'll try.

  2. I've been working on this guy for a long time. He's tried to kill me a few times but I'm finally done. :) The blade is about a foot long; made from an old file. I got the wood from the Iron in the hat at the Trackrock hammerin and I don't know what it is. The rest of the handle is comprised of mahogany and brass. The guard is mild steel. Thanks for looking guys. :D








    Picture 001.jpg

  3. Hey Bigfoot,

    You seem to be struggling with curvature when forging the bevels, as I see in your knife to the left. One way to combat this is to put a counter curve in the blade before forging the bevels. Also I see that your hammer control isn't great but it will develop over time. A great way to practice hammer control is to do other small project such as wall hooks or anything easy just to practice. Good job; keep up the good work.:)




    Olandvillyoungmsith, welcome that is a great piece for a beginner. I am one myself. One other way that you might try this is to upset the spike end and forge it into the edge, leaving the head as a hammer. If you are going to throw the hawk I wouldn't recommend pinning the handle because the handle might get messed up after a while and replacement would be necessary. Great hawk and welcome to the forums.




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