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  1. I like that, has an aggressive shape to it.

    I'm guessing 2 spikes... very clever, I don't think I've seen that before.. Any pics of this one before handling?


    Thanks GEzell. I only used 1 spike though I wish I had some experience welding. Sorry but all I have are final pics though I could make another.


    ~ Isaiah

  2. I am trading this skinner to a friend for some antler. The handle is mahogany and the blade is lawn mower blade steel.




    Thanks for looking.



  3. I love that detail. Maybe it's best that he didn't end up taking possession of this little item. :) Neat piece, though.


    I was about to post the same thing :blink:. Cool work.:)

  4. A seax doesn't have length limits as far as I know and even if it did you can always make something original. Pattern welded is just fine also; that would make it all the better. I would say that unless you are doing a replica of a certain blade then you don't have to worry about making every single detail line up with something else. It is your knife so do what makes you happy.:)

  5. Bit painful on the hand?


    Love it :D Looks forged from the round end of a drill bit.


    I tried forging a drill bit once.It was a scary experience:blink:.I don't recommend it.Dagger's cool serge.

  6. Gongrats:). Before I got some oil which was just recently I did all of my quenches in cold water. I was so excited when I finally got some old motor oil from changing the oil in my dads suburban.

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