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  1. With all due respect I don't detect much odor when I do it and I always do it in the house but do it where ever you like. Another method that I have heard about ,if you are really patient is to soak the antler in rain/creek water for about a month. I'm not that patient so I like to go with boiling it.

  2. These are two sock removal projects that I did when I couldn't be in the forge. I don't usually do stock removal but after the first I had to make another since it was so darn cute.I didn't bother to polish.SDC11145.JPGSDC11143.JPGSDC11133.JPG

  3. The handle can be done so many ways. I might go with bloodwood (really pretty stuff)or some dother hardwood. Use something that is easily accesible to you. For the grip just try not to make it too rounded or it might turn in the hand while in use. I like to drill a pilot hole and then burn the tang in the handle sometimes. Then epoxy.Good Luck. :)

  4. I can`t remember a time when my bugars were any other color. I also work with a charcoal forge so It`s a constant hassle. I just give my nose a good blow`n. Steel in the cornea's not good :o:excl: ; goggles fog but that impared visions only temporary.


    p.s. I also used to grind with an angle grinder.The transfer to belt grinder was awesome.

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