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  1. amazing for a first! The handle looks a little bit large for the blade but overall nice first
  2. I think Noah's idea would work out well and think a search bar is a good idea also.
  3. thanks for the inspiration guys
  4. Thank you but I am so not worthy with the stuff you guys make.
  5. I might go with something like fighters and users as two main categories and then go into swords / EDC daggers / kitchen axes / machetes spear / axes then go into sub categories of those like Chinese,Greek,Roman,etc. or something along those lines would be nice.
  6. I especially love that handle.That is awesome.
  7. That or just insufficient heat treating.I have not had much practice or any guidance heat treating. I have just observed. I am now reading the 50 dollar knife shop which Mathew (MJD)just received for his birthday and Wayne Goddard does a good job of explaining the heat treat.
  8. I am a bit embarrassed that I didn't recognize it as a piece from a tiller. duh!
  9. Thank you I didn't do a perfect job on it but I would be happy to post more pics.
  10. No pictures of the burn.Finally got the retort better insulated and it collapsed .We got the best yield yet though so we were doing something right .Time for a new barrel. pieces that didn't char completely Sorry I could not get the picture of the retort re sized ;I will try later.
  11. Made from an old leaf spring.Edge is about 2.5 in. and the shaft is about 4in.
  12. Does anyone know what kind of steel this would be and proper heat treating?
  13. Thanks for the advice guys.
  14. Maybe you should of used more tooth brushes.
  15. It needs to be closer than it already is?
  16. I quenched in brine once and it didn't crack but my heat treating was off so it was brittle and the tang broke off. Would just motor oil be best for the quench? I have not heard of the brass rod test; It sounds pretty self explanatory but will you please explain?
  17. scary. I like it. the stand is really interesting as well.
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