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  1. I have a retort that usually holds a 50-75% yield. It is a 50 gallon drum on a frame with black iron pipe running out of the lid and then underneath it. It is insulated with sheets of steel and dirt. We build a fire underneath and after a while the gasses from the wood inside the barrel, witch is pine, flows through the pipe and out the holes that are drilled in two side of the pipe. At this time no more fuel for the fire is needed because these gasses work as the fuel. B) Caution hot :excl:

  2. Try and find old cable that has been used. This is personal preferences. Here in Oregon a walk in the woods will usually turn up some cable. The older stuff is usually high carbon steel, that's all. Much of the newer stuff has some alloying. The used stuuf will be tighter wound due to stretching under load. I do not use any cable with a rope core, or heavily crusted with oil. Too tough to burn out. Cut out the frayed areas using a torch. Sawing will unwind the ends. Now cut into about 12" lengths. Do the cuts slow so you fuse the ends.


    Would it work if you were to unravel the cable to take out the rope and then twist back together?

  3. blade-6 1/2'' overall-11 1/4 I'm not sure what kind of steel but it`s pretty mild.

    I was wondering if some of you more experienced bladesmiths would appraise my knife?fighter_post.JPG

  4. That link is nearly ancient history as far as the internet goes. The basic information I ran down in 1987 or so, if memory serves.


    As has been said, they are useful for practice, and for your criteria, cheap and disposable, and will make a tough edged tool. Contrary to the common claim, is that "as manufactured" they are not going to be capable of a typical knife edge hardness without jumping through some very specific hoops to make it so. There is nothing wrong with found materials, so long as you discover their limitations and don't advertised them for what they aren't. Cool work does not require magic materials.

    Most of the material I use is found.When spark tested most of it is pretty high in carbon.

  5. Stuff I got free this week:


    My mother's garage door opener went all wonky. The repairman told her she needed new springs. I got the old ones. Gimmie some suggestions for this stuff beyond rivet material.



    Free with the purchase of some old files:


    I don't think I've ever seen leaf springs as thick as these before (a paper's width above half an inch each). And what kind of steel is the average lawnmower blade made from?

    Don`t know yet but just got a few and about to find out.

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