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  1. I scavage my woods for metal all the time and my shop is piled high with rebar and pieces that I know are good steel but have no idea what the origanal purpose was.For some reason my aunt dosn`t get excited when I drag something else into the yard.She just calls it ugly and has the nerve to wonder why I get defensive. <_<

  2. Do a little browsing around the forum beginners place is a great place to find info. and ask questions.Jph is right tools needed are simple I use two pieces of railroad track for anvils.Asked some guys who were working on the track.For a forge I have a steel box with a pipe in the bottom that has holes in it .I ducttape a blow dryer to the pipe for a bellows.Cemented the box in.Burns charcoal and heats my work just fine.You should take a look at Mr. Fogg`s website.Theres a list of tool stores and advice on building your own forge.

  3. The simplistic answer is to put clay or refractory cement on the parts of the blade you don't want to harden and then heat and quench as normal after the clay dries. The transition between the coated areas and the bare area forms the hamon. For info on how to create different styles of hamons in great detail, Walter Sorells has created a GREAT video on the process that he sells on his website. http://www.waltersorrells.com/blades/hamon%20video.htm


  4. I dont work with antler so I dont know bout the handle. you should quench and temper the blade before you over sand it.

    I figured just finish with the 60 grit then quench and temper.

  5. This is a piece that I have been working on for a little while and it needs to be polished and hardened before assembly.The guard will be stainless. This is my first antler handle and I was wondering if it`s better to soak or boil the handle.





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