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  1. Hi Guys. I have been fascinated with this type of chillanum dagger for a long time and decided it was about time i made myself one. but that's easier said than done I found a lot of examples of these on the internet , but i have no idea how i go about doin this, so here goes.... I liked this one in particular, so i thot i should take this as a reference the main issue is about the handle on this one . how is it made ? will need a lot of help on this one
  2. Splendid work Richard !! with the dimensions you have mentioned , this must be a hell of a chopper. love the guard and pommel . overall a beautiful knife
  3. You are perfectly right about the inlay technique Kevin , but i was not so sure about my undercutting skills i was afraid the brass would simply fall off in usage .So what i have done here is , i simply drilled the holes all the way through the spine of the blade, inserted the brass pins and peened them flat.i made the opening and ends of the holes a hair wider though ,so that the brass would expand a little and fit nicely . the brass insertions looked rough and uneven that time but after sanding the blade thoroughly all the brass inserts had a nice round appearence. I was confident i would not be compromising the strength of the blade by doing this b'cos the spine is quite thick at the place where the insertions are done. but again thats just the way i did it , wish u good luck with your inlay project. i will be looking forward to how u do it
  4. Thanks Dan ,keeping those holes on the blade aligned was really tough for me cos i drilled them with a hand drill. the holes were made with a 2.5mm drill bit and then i cut out small pins from a 3mm dia brass rod and peened them in the holes.As for the leather i put on a generous amount of leather oil on the handle, the kind you get in shoe stores to protect leather shoes. then i wrapped a thin nylon cord tightly all round the handle and kept it for 4 hours to dry off.that is what produced that texture in the handle.
  5. Thanks Dan , as for the leather i put on a generous amount of leater oil on the handle after it was wrapped and then i wrapped a thin nylon cord tightly all round the handle and kept it for 4 hours to dry off.that is what produced that texture in the handle.
  6. BEEAAUUUTIFUL!! . the feather pattern on the damascus is brilliant . splendid work Toby
  7. Clean and nice work Geoff, the handle looks great
  8. nice working design on the knife there Wade , the leatherwork on the sheath is beautiful
  9. Hi Dan , I love the way you have forged the integral guard, but as for the blade profile i think the two bumps on the back of the blade look a little out of place . i would have gone with a slight inward curve on the back followed by single bump at the tip, but thats just me
  10. Yes its definitely a nice chopper, the balance point is just behind the guard and the leather wrap gives a nice secure grip . i sharpened it up nicely today and chopped up some dry neem wood with it and it sliced through paper even after that
  11. WONDERFUL !! lovely wootz pattern . though i am an amateur among you fiery beards i think this sword might look great with a disc pommel. awesome work
  12. Hi , This is my first leaf spring steel knife, tried my hand at some brass inlay on the blade. Knife specifications are OAL length is 9.5 inches with blade of 5 inches. thickness is 7mm near guard and tapers down to the tip.Guard and pommel are brass. will be doing some more finishing work on this today. views , suggestions , comments ,questions are welcome
  13. nice, should be a really good skinner . blade profile is perfect.love the sheath as well.
  14. WOW , nicely executed jake. would like to know more details about the handle,like how is it assembled
  15. Alan , U really are a good storyteller. I think when you are done with it u should cover it in tar under a wrap of rough burlap, and kep it in an old shoebox in the attic with a note . maybe one day your great, great , great grandson will find it and then this knife will really be very old lovely knife by the way , really looks antique
  16. Hi Petr, I bow down to u guys who do such beautiful engravings on the blades i have one question though , can u post more details about how the grip was made on this sax.i personally love to make leather grips and this looks something very different.
  17. Simple , elegant and beautifully executed knife there Niko. Nice watered steel pattern on the blade .
  18. thanks a lot for the generous offer Geoff but i am located in India. i think i will be able to buy a load of rosewood here for the price i will pay for postage i was not aware that rosewood is toxic , maybe i will go for teakwood with a dark polish then.
  19. hi geoff, excellent tutorial there. thanks, i pretty much got an idea of how to proceed.shall get to work on this immediately i am thinking of going for all metal handle , the frame will be made from mild steel and the slabs on the sides will be brass covered with leather slabs. actually i was thinking of dark rosewood to go on top of the brass but i am not sure if i will manage to get hold of some.lets see.
  20. Hello Guys, been out for a long time, back in action now needed some advice about how to go about constructing a frame handle tactical knife.does anybody know any tutorials around? i am thinking of something on the following lines, - 5 to 7 inch blade - single edged blade with false top edge - metal frame handle with leather, micarta or wood slabs suggestions about handle material & design are always welcome.
  21. beautiful work Serge , i love the overall geometry of the blade. The design is very unique. keep up the good work.
  22. Yes , definitely a falcata for me. but with a more well defined point at the tip. Something similar to the Spartan sword seen in the movie 300. I loved the design of that sword, though i think it should have had a nice curved spike at the pommel end. that would have made it perfect
  23. Hey Ulrich , your work is absolutel fabulous man I am at a loss for words......Simply awesome knife
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