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  1. Here's a kitchen knife I made with 1095 steel hardened to 62 rockwell. The blade is 8-5/8" handle is buffalo horn & orange cocabola with S.S. pin & spacer. $350 OBO
  2. I have a custom brute de forge knife for sale. 1095 steel hollow ground on a 14" wheel with a hamon and hand engraved spine. The handle has copper spacers between black palm. The cutting edge mesures 5-3/8" and total lenth is 10". The whole package including the sheaf was done by me here in my shop in the Santa Cruz mountains. Total cost is $1,200.00 Thank You Dave Jacobson
  3. It's absoluty beautiful. How is a clayless hamon done?
  4. Looks great, nice job on the etching.
  5. Wow that thing is as big as a volkswagen. http://forums.dfoggknives.com/public/style_emoticons/default/unsure.gif Nice flowing scroll work, I like it.
  6. Fantastic damascus! Oh and I love your power hammer.
  7. Thank you all for the comments, makes me want to go make more, and that is good. Here's a better shot of the scratching.
  8. Just finished the first for 2013 it's 1095 with 14" hollow grind, black palm, and some engraving.
  9. I too really enjoy your demos. Thank you. The knife is awesome too. It looks a lot bigger in the video.
  10. Absolute master peice Thanks for showing
  11. This is wonderful. Your work truly inspires me. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Dave, Thanks for the pictures, it was a blast indeed ..did you get any metal from your furnace..?did you break the furnace or is it still in tact? Jan I had to break it open to get it out. Why does it want to crumble when I try to forge it. Maybe it wasn't hot enough. Looks and grinds like it's cast iron.
  13. The CA hammer-in was a blast as usual. Here is a few photos. Future blade smiths taking action with Henery Torres. Bill Burke's furnace build mini class. Dave Lisch's D-guard bowie construction. Tom Ferry explains how to compisate for distortion with clay damascus. Bob Kramer and Steve Koster messing around with Travis's grinder. Dan Pfanenstiel claying a blade at his sword quench demo.
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