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  1. Ok got my kydex and rivets the other day so I made a homemade press and proceeded to try and make a sheath for the first neck knife. Here is my attempt. I'm happy with it! and the blade snaps right in. Here is a picture to show the size of the knife.
  2. Thank you very much! very informative! I think im going to give it a try! only problem is I dont have a forge. Maybe I can heat the blade with a torch until it get red hot. Or demagnetized.
  3. Thanks I may give that a try just becouse I have never done that before and it would be good practice. What should I clamp it in? Will 2 pieces of wood?
  4. OK what If I wanted to try to harden the blade. What steps should I use? I know the blade is very hard now so should I anneal first? Can I just heat the blade red hot and soak it in oil? This is all new to me. Id like any help. Do I need to resand the blade after I oil dip it? The blade is very thin. Like a 1/16th of an inch. How do you guys heat your oil before dipping the blade in it? questions questions......LOL
  5. Well a file doesnt touch it! it just glides across doesnt bite in at all. As far as annealing, well looks like I already got the shape I want its just sanding time now. The first blade I made I had to heat up a spot on the top of the handle with a torch so I could drill the hole in it. A drill bit would not even put a dent in it before I heated the spot up. Thats why I want to see how long my other blade will hold an edge. I know it took awhile to put a edge on it. Maybe I need to put it trough a cutting test. Maybe some rope or something.
  6. Maybe your right. I plasma cut it back far enough so I could sand down past the dark color to the the regular color of the steel. I think It will be just fine. One good thing about the plasma it that it goes fast and doesnt heat up a very big area. But I may try to heat treat this one. Havent got that far yet. But something to think about anyway. Thanks...
  7. I was very careful not to over heat the blade. I dont think i need to heat treat it. the blade was already hardened. I sanded the blade without gloves so when it started to get hot to the touch I dipped it in water. The first knife I have done is razor sharp! After I make the sheath for it I'll put it trough the test( I'll bring it to work where I cut lots of boxes and see how it compares to my kershaw chive that I use daily.). Im thinking it should be a great blade. This is a learning lesson for me. And Im having fun doing it. And really all I have invested in the projects is pretty much just
  8. Just wanted to show you what the blade looks like after I plasma torch it out of the saw blade. This is one that I just started to sand and shape. Here are the two together for a better look. I think i am going to put a nice handle on this one and make it a nice hunter/skinner knife.
  9. I have a 1/3 im going to try to make a 42" belt sander out of it! Why not? Hell I just did my first neck knife on a ryobi 4x36 belt sander. But I too have a 1/3 kicking around and I think I can make a better belt sander with it then the ryobi. Nothing lost but time!
  10. Thanks! I think it will look really good with micarta handles. I have blue jeans and some green jeans all stripped so I can start making the handle material. Need to get some epoxy and nice clamps before I dive into that.
  11. Well Here is my first homemade neck knife. Please tell me what you think. The blade was cut out of a 10" circular saw blade. I am hooked on this hobby now! I have a few more I want to make but im going to add micarta handles to them. I also have some Kydex coming so I can make a shealth for it. The blade looked alot better just blued. But I read somewhere about etching it in ferric chloride. I did that and thats what made the spots on the blade.I think I liked it better just blued. Oh well it was just a first knife anyway. Im sure i'll improve on the next knife.
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