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  1. Ok so I'm dropping the price to $700 or full trade for something of equal value
  2. Well sadly school is requiring me to sell my anvil so I can afford to drive and see my new fiancee. This is only my second actual post but I've been a daily reader since '06 haha My anvil is Fisher Norris Eagle dated 1920 and 205# with no cracking, very little rust and from what I have seen an very good face. The face has very minor chipping around the edges. It came with a pretty hefty stand, maybe 180#, made from an old rim and half inch pipe with a half inch plate welded on top, kinda hard to describe. I have pictures but getting them from my Droid to the site properly is a little beyond me.....if you want to see them email me at Alecjcapel@gmail.com as it comes directly to my phone and I'll be able to respond quickly. I am in the Texarkana Mt. pleasant New Boston areas along east I-30 in Texas. I don't want to nor do I know anything shipping an anvil so pickup is preferred. I am asking $800 or barter+cash if you have a knife or tool you'd be willing to part with I would be more than happy to talk it over. I'm not trying to scalp anybody at nearly $4 a pound but I personally paid too much for it....that's why I'm willing to barter. If i forgot to include anything you can ask me here or through email, I'll be checking both. Thanks and hope to hear from ya'll, Alec Capel
  3. Sorry about not having a pic of it hooked up, I take my pictures with my smart phone and right now my computer isn't on speaking terms with my phone. I added the quick connect for safety reasons (my first attempt at a way too big forge cost me some eyebrows) and with a little research came to the conclusion that most quick connects leak because of a small rubber/plastic o'ring that is inside them, kept oiled they shouldn't leak. I'll probably ditch it anyway though, wisdom over youth as they say haha. I hadn't thought about a needle valve but ironicly I had just been trying to figure out a better way to keep my forge atmospher and heat down a little. Man this is such a great place with great people Thank you all for the helpful comments, Alec
  4. This is my little forge burner I put together after looking at Don's site, it works great and gets my forge HOT. The first pic is of my quick connect with a cut off valve for adjustment and safety, it runs a ten foot hose to my hundred pound propane tank. The second picture is of the burner and blower (hair dryer) the pvc ball valve I use to regulate the air flow. It works really well and I would've put a picture of it shooting a flame but sadly the bluetooth on my computer gave out Well that's sadly all I have for now, I bought a welder the other day so hopefully I can get my forge welded up........after finals at least. Alec
  5. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome Dan I do know some Codys here in Mt. Pleasant but I'm not sure about Tyler, I'll ask my granddad as I'll be in Tyler with him tonight...that old man knows everybody haha If you need any help finding anything in this area or need a bunch of wood for charcoal making I know a ton of people who are always willing to help out or give me felled trees, just give a quick list and I'd be more than happy to see what I can find, if you want haha Dave, thanks for the name change it's been bugging me for years now haha Sean, I sure hope it's never ending! I hate starting something then actually finishing it..... I hope to be able to make something soon, my forge just needs a little more welding together and a rigidizer for the Kaowool (any suggestions?) and I'll be good to go.
  6. Hello to all on the forum! My name is Alec Capel and I have been reading this forum for..hmmm....ever? Anyway I have finally gotten the guts to post and hope to learn much even more by actually talking to some people haha. So a little bit about me then. I am 20 (yay for young and ignorant!) and am going to college, I don't have much time to play in the shop but when I do It feels like my home away from home. I've made a few stock removal knives and no forged ones...sadly I have read every topic in the Beginners forum.....all 60 something pages of them now I believe? Mostly I just like to read haha but anyway I finally just got my forge burner up and running tonight. I will post pictures sometime when I figure out how to size them and all that jazz. Also if possible I would love my name to be changed to Alec Capel as I put jack of all trades in like three years ago I am a huge fan of many of ya'll and look forward to geeking out if I get posts from a few of my bladesmithing heroes Happy Thanksgiving, Alec Capel
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