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  1. Enjoyed it immensely. It was very well done by both of you.
  2. Yes it was wild to hear all the thunder and some lightning during the sleet. Those sleet balls were pretty good size. i knew I felt them when I went from the shop to the house for dinner. I guess we will be 60 during the week and get back into some more cold next week end. We won't have a spring at this rate.
  3. I have never done anything to even old cable other than allow the cable to burn out in the fire. Are you using propane or coal forges? I have heard of people soaking lengths in kerosene to help remove the tar out of the cable. I would cut off approximately 15 inches of 1 1/2 inch cable and get a 3 foot 3/16 piece 1 1/2 inches wide after beating it down. I too forged one end then switched to the other end to twist up tight and weld.
  4. http://knifedogs.com/showthread.php?17192-New-forge-! Had a friend build one of these. It is the quietest and low fuel usage forge I have ever seen. It was hard to keep it under 2500 degrees .
  5. I use a 1/16 inch wire sharpened to a point to help drag the solder to where you want it when liquid. I dip the end in the flux and move it to where i need it . Allows you to use very little flux to fix those holes.
  6. You need a reverse cut broach to cut and pull the material out. Some drill one hole and cut from there and others drill two holes and cut out the center. Google John Perry broach
  7. Ray has also demoed how to do the scale to bolster tranition. Find you a router bit of the proper size and put it in your drill press. Run the edge of the scale across to start your transition for the proper size. Work from there.
  8. I use a flexible steel brush that I cut the handle off and mount it in my drill press. Really removes material. Finish with super thin cyanoacrylate for a shiny finish in the crevices. Hit the top surface with a 400 grit belt and buff for a pretty finish.
  9. You are talking about a guard on a stick tang? Get a medium heavy sping and clamp the tang in vice. Use the spring around the tang to hold guard in place.
  10. Beau just gives you a hint check out theknifegroup.com for the list. We have 4 Mastersmiths in the ABS and several journeymansmith here. And a whle bunch of others just having fun.
  11. What about kerosene? Seems like some makers have been using it by itself.
  12. A 9 inch disc grinder is a lot more effiecient than the bigger one and used standard wet and dry sandpaper. On a belt grinder there is always a bump in the belt splice no matter when you do. Grind flat on a platten and go to a disc and you will see how uneven the surface is. Simple way also is to use a black marker on your tang and as you sand you can see your high and low spots.
  13. Have you looked for mascur birch burl. That might get you something.
  14. I will put it on my calendar. See you Gary. Mike
  15. one way I have done is to set up how many flutes you want on the handle and drill holes on the ends. Just pinned string into one hole and twisted the handle to line up the next hole you wanted to twist to. Mark with pencil the string line and move to the next. Seems like JPH had a picture of the method in one of his books.
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