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  1. I got one of the Brazilian files yesterday. Works great no complaints. I have some of the American made ones and I can't tell any difference. Looks the same and feels the same. Hogs metal the same.
  2. Ya unfortunately it is. I don't think the company changed just where they are made. From what I've seen, the better ones are made in Brazil. The ones at the local big box store were made in Mexico and the ones in the local industrial supply houses were made in Brazil.
  3. Nicholson files are made in Mexico and Brazil now.
  4. I have and do use an axe at temps that low on a regular basis here in Central Alaska. I've never had an axe blade chip on me. Lowest temp I went outside to cut wood was -50f. I won't be doing that again any time soon. But not because I'm worried about my axe chipping. Its just too durn uncomfortable. On the other hand a friend down the street a couple of years ago had an axel brake on him when he was gathering firewood. And it was in the -40s f that day.
  5. Well it took a little longer than I wanted it to but I did get more work done on it the last couple of days. I was able to get the handle shaped and sanded smooth. It turned out pretty well I think. I need to put a finish on it and get some small scratches out. And of course sharpen it. But other than that its looking pretty good to me. I'll post some more pics when I get it completed in the next couple of days.
  6. I'm working on it today. I don't know if I'll have time to finish but I'll definitely post pics of my progress.
  7. Thanks, I cleaned up the 800 grit some and put the handle in adhesive and clamped it all up. Waiting for the epoxy to set. I hate waiting.
  8. I started making a skiving knife today. If I'm going to be making knives, I have to work with leather and a good skiving knife is a critical tool to have. I could have just as easily bought one but this is much more fun. I have a large piece of bandsaw blade from an old wood sawmill. I got it cut to shape and ground out. Then started the tedious task of sanding all the rust off. I got the handles roughed out and the pin holes drilled in the handle and in the blank. Then go it sanded to 800 grit. I don't know if I want to go much further. I don't have a buffer. Its on the list though.
  9. Wait! Wasn't that one Viking wearing speedos?
  10. Oh good grief, your heading the wrong direction. I left Orlando and moved to Alaska to get away from the hurricanes, heat and traffic (X wife). I had four hurricanes fly over my house in one year. I decided to leave after that. Honestly it wasn't that bad. Good luck on your trip I know you will enjoy it.
  11. Where I live in North Pole Alaska the weather has been very cool.. -35 F for most of the last month. We finally got a break and it warmed up to 10. Tomorrow's forcast. -25. Saturdays, -35. Cordova Alaska has been burried under 18 feet of snow. The National Guard has been called out and they are shipping in snow shovels because they ran out of them in the local stores. Nome Alaska is getting a shipment of fuel oil and gas from a Russian tanker that is being escorted in by the only US Coast Guard ice breaker. Last night it was 100 miles from Nome working its way through 2 foot thick ice
  12. Hello Dave, Yes I know exactly how difficult it is. You may want to get hold of some of the guys from the Alaska Artists Blacksmiths Association if you need more gear like that. I've seen some anvils and vices on craigslist for what I would consider robbery prices. Way over priced. I had mailed my vice from the lower 48 when I moved up. Congrats on the new gear.
  13. It would appear to my very untrained eye that Mr. Hernandez has done this a time or two. A beautiful piece sir. If I can ever get 10% as good as you I would be very happy.
  14. I got to spend some more time hanging out with Jake and working more on the axe. I've included some pictures of us slitting the slot. There are a couple of things I would do differently. One, I would profile the chisel for hot cutting, its a cold chisel. Two, I would make a pair to tongs specifically for tools with eyes. I'm in the process of doing both right now. I do plan on making more axes. Its a heck of a lot of fun. The rotund guy with the hammer and chisel is me. Jake and I were shaping the blade and eye of the axe. I was running the camera so I didn't get any shots of me working o
  15. Shawn, actually there isn't a huge amount of time in this. I would estimate that total time working on the axe would be so far about 8 hours. We talked a lot about technique, style, welding, between heats and also spoke at length about how axes function. Sam, Jake is intense. Very passionate about blacksmithing in general and axes and how they work, are shaped ect. I have learned more in the three days working with him than I did studying on the internet in the last year. Besides which he is just a great person who is more than willing to give his time and thoughts to someone else.
  16. The forge works very well. We got the weld done in it with no trouble at all. We are still working on the hatchet. But, schedules and obligations have slowed us down alittle. We plan on getting together tomorrow and getting as much done as we can on it. As far as slitting the hole is conserned, I don't have any other frame of reference. Its the only one I've done. It wasn't very difficult, but it did take time. The chisel we used is a cold chisel and we should have forged or ground it to a better profile. But we did get through, it just took alittle longer than we thought. The a
  17. Wow, tough crowd. I guess I should mention that "Jake" is Jake Pogrebinsky
  18. I've gotten a chance to spend some time forging with my friend Jake from Galina, Ak. The last couple of days together we started and axe and got some forging time in. All in all a great time. The first day I made a slit in some 3/4" x 2" x 8" mild steel plate. That was about all the time I had and had to get going to do other things. Today we got alot more done. We made a drift from an old breaker bit. Did a forge weld of spring steel for the bit and had time to refine the shape some. Then used the drift to begin to open the eye. Temps here have been hovering around 20 F and thats not a b
  19. Ohhh, ok I get it. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I haven't had a chance to do anything else with it yet. The reality of winter coming has me scrambling to get things done. We may have snow at the end of the month I've been told. So ordering firewood and getting the pole barn done has taken alot of my time.
  20. Thank you Mike, I am really taking my time and making sure I am getting it right. I won't rush. As I gain experience and expertise I'll move faster. I imagine having a few jigs made up to do the bevels with and the ricasso will be a big time saver as well. Right now I am hand filing the ricasso in. We love our babies. We have eight Shetland Sheep Dogs and four Whippets. We go to about 4-5 shows a year with them. We have some champions and our girl show Whippet is a grandchampion.
  21. Its about the radius of a dime. I don't think its too tight, but whadda I know its my first one. As for heat treatment its 52100 steel so what ever is good for that is what I will need to do.
  22. Ok so here's an update on the knife. I ground it to an 80 grit using my woefully under powered Sears 2x42 belt sander. Its a nice unit but at 1/6th horse power, bogs down easily. That does however make you slow down and take your time. Not a bad thing when this is your first time doing something and you want to do at least a passable job of it. I worked on the bevels and flats, smoothed out the hilt and worked on the ricasso with a file. I did alittle draw filling and found its really easy to do. I need alot of practice thought to get it right. Things aren't square or flat yet. But I am g
  23. Ok I see what your saying, i think, so it should be thicker at the butt end? I had planned on a long triangle shape if you look you can see that close to where the ricasso will end up being its more narrow than at the butt. I was going to use scales. I could shape them that way. Right now the ballance is right in front of the notch. And thats totally by accident.
  24. Doug there is about a nickle thickness of material left on the blade edge. Is that enough or should I do the next one thicker?
  25. Thanks Alan. I would use one if I had one. I have a belt sander and some 80 grit belts. A Sears 2x42. Doesn't have alot of horse power, but as long as you take your time it will get it done.
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