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  1. Thanks Jan for setting this up and thanks to Don for creating this environment.
  2. Simple rule of thumb, especially involving anvils is that you get what you pay for. I find that the "no-name" anvils are inferior either because of the face or crumbling bodies or the two separating etc. My Peter Wright has a very good face for it's age and has many more years left in it (read decades) but I went through two "no-names" before my PW.
  3. I believe these are refereed to as Boleens. But my memory may be faulty:D
  4. Just like any other power tool you should use the proper protection; glasses, dust mask/respirator. And if you are using those cut off disks, they like to explode usually because of wrong speed, mild torque, tongue out the wrong side of mouth etc Otherwise they're great for what they were built for.
  5. Was hoping to make more of these for x-mas but my tool guy stopped returning my calls...
  6. I don't think 5160 usually gives a very good hamon.
  7. Stunning. Do you put a lacquer or similar finish on your mokume rings, or is that just a high gloss finish?
  8. I believe this is something you may want to be careful with. If memory serves me right, Brass has a large quantity of zinc in it and consequently is highly poisonous/toxic if the fumes are breathed in. I personally would suggest buying the piece of brass you need or if you are hell bent for leather on doing this make sure you are in the great outdoors.
  9. IF I may add, when it comes to sanding the inside portion of my handles (where they contact the tang), I have a piece of plate glass that I spray adhesive a piece of sand paper to, so that my flats remain so. Hope that helps. I've heard a machinists granite block is good for that also, though expensive.
  10. It means to bump a topic to the top of the list so that is doesn't get buried at the bottom or pushed to the second page of a forum listing. I've really been eying this piece but my wife's grip on my neck get's tighter every time I do
  11. I too must chime in with gratitude of the hard work that goes into this. Thank you Don, et al.
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