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  1. awesome. thanks for the info guys. much appreciated.
  2. savageknives

    seax info??

    i was hoping someone could tell me or point me to a book or site about the traditional seax. i understand the blade shape but im wondering about edge geometry, and handling mainly. any info is much appreciated. -savage.
  3. the full scale drawing is a very good idea. looks like ill be rummaging at texas metals quite a bit.
  4. thanks a lot sam. it looks like it may be a few weeks before i get the chance to start on this project but hopefully il have the means to post pics when i do. anymore information is greatly appreciated.
  5. ive seen those plans. the grasshopper i think may be a little out of my league for now. but the first one is more along my lines. lucky for me, my brother is a mechanical engineer and his mind works the way it needs to to build one of these bad boys so ive employed him to help me. looks like im going to spend a lot of time at the junkyard rummaging. but there are definitely worse things i could be doing. thanks a lot dan.
  6. sam, im looking to stick mostly to blades. really nothing too spectacular but more expedient than putting it under hammer and anvil. thats a cool design, i would like to keep it leg powered at least for now. im young and im not trying to sink my savings into a project just yet.
  7. im somewhat new to the game and im looking for a simple yet effective treadle hammer. i am will be going to college in a few years so hopefully something easy to disassemble and transport. something easy enough to build that i and my brother can accomplish, (him being a mechanical engineering student). please send me anything you come up with. PM or email me at measley010@sbcglobal.net. thanks much brothers.
  8. i recently found an issue of Knives '84. he was featured in there but, of course, the first page of the article was torn out. no doubt hung on the original owners shop wall as inspiration or used as a reference for a piece of information given. i understand he took his HT method to his grave. its a shame. too bad.
  9. who else is entirely indifferent about this?
  10. savageknives


    so the line will show after polishing? or is there an etchant involved?
  11. for that matter is axle rod good blade making steel, or any kind of hydraulic ram rod? im not much of a gear head so any of you out there who are, what all on a typical american made vehicle can be salvaged to make a good blade???
  12. thats what i and several other parties present thought, but it looks like a live human to me. i hope to god its a statue otherwise the germans have some odd traditions.
  13. does anyone notice anything odd in the picture of the man flattening out the socket on his power hammer? possibly a naked man directly behind him?
  14. if your still looking for rune ideas, valtonia.com seems to be pretty on the mark with their rune converter. very helpful and if nothing else they look pretty damn cool. lets see some finished pics!!!
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