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  1. The link was buried indeed. I am glad you referenced it. I've seen a lot of re-invented wheels on the internet - sometimes its humorous, sometimes annoying. I'm trying to gather information to make a set up that will work for me. I'm fortunate to be just north of Oakland, and have had the chance to visit Chris Price, Jim Austin and Jeff Pringle for their smelting project with black sand. I'll make a forge, fashion an anvil and table and begin as simply as I can. Using the RR spikes is the starting point. I have no intention of selling knives - probably do something a little decorati
  2. Mike Blue - thanks for that link. I've been searching for a couple of days now and hadn't come across that post. I'm just starting out and wanted to start with "found" material - cheap and disposable. They're putting the track back in service here in Sonoma County, CA and there are scores of spikes next to the replaced ties. It looks like my 30+ spikes aren't of much use - with the exeption of the 10 new ones I found. I'll go back and look for the spring-steel and if any of that's laying around, I'll gather it up. Knowing that I'll be on a steep learning curve, I don't mind working
  3. :lurk I like it Chris. Straightforward and workmanlike.
  4. :wave Chris Thanks for inviting me - it was great to meet you, Jeff and Jim. :deal
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