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  1. Got the bevels reestablished on the partizan, and the socket is ~80% of the way ground. I have a 2" long section on the backside that I couldn't get to weld. It's just an aesthetic flaw, and it's a gift for someone as opposed to a paid commission, so I haven't decided yet if I'm going to leave it or arc weld it shut. Next is cleaning up the transition from blade to socket, followed by whatever I do on that weld flaw and then heat treat.
  2. Killer knife. I especially like the spacers. The heel on the handle also looks very comfortable.
  3. Got thickness dialed in on a partizan blade. My order of operations here was remove scale, establish centerline and thickness at the base (very difficult with the flare from the lugs), and grind the blade to approximately the desired distal taper. Now I need to re-file the bevels to reestablish the centerline and grind the socket to shape before I'm ready to heat treat. For reference, the blade itself is about 19.5" overall, if I remember correctly.
  4. Most impressive work! While scissors are not quite my niche, I absolutely can't deny the artistry and precision that goes into these.
  5. I love pronounced yelmans on blades so I'm a bit biased, but you did a great job on all three. I love the blade profile on the first, the handle shape and wood choice on the second, and it's hard to tell, but is the third the shortest of the three? It looks very convenient and handy.
  6. The artistry and execution of that piece is some of the best I've seen in a long time. Tremendous work.
  7. I like this idea a lot. I think a thick spine (~3/8" maybe?) with a smooth indent in the middle of the flat of the grip area to serve as a thumb rest could be comfortable too.
  8. That came out great! Awesome work.
  9. Really nice! Great job.
  10. Thank you all for the kind words! The handle took a lot of planning, and the guard, pommel, top spacer, and peen block all had to be done at least twice, if not more. It took at least a dozen or so tries to get the guard into a shape I was happy with, and the pommel very nearly posed a similar challenge. Getting a straight slot through that long of a pommel that had a tight fit, no large gaps, and wasn't corkscrewed with the plane of the blade was difficult.
  11. I'll have to remember that. I'd like to try something similar again one day, and I would much rather silver solder than weld it, especially on thin stock.
  12. Thanks for the pin! I did just try regular lead-free solder. I had some higher-temp stuff I also tried briefly, but didn't have too much luck though I admit I didn't play with it for too long. Part of me was worried that the collar would heat up much faster than the guard body and I would end up with a dirty joint if I went too hot too fast.
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