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  1. Just remember; if it was easy anybody could do it. When you've got a hundred welds behind you, you'll wonder why you ever had trouble.
  2. It's called "blister steel" not pock steel, maybe for a reason?? Hey John!! I think it might have been a little over hot.
  3. Just keep hanging around here grasshopper.
  4. Actually, I live in the Pacific Northwest. Sorta like the UK only rainyer!
  5. Actually, part of the difference is the reflection of the blue sky. Something rarely seen in the UK I understand.
  6. I imagine that in a high school environment he will not be able to use "home-built".
  7. Although it's called a "file" being "grit" it's really a coarse abrasive stick. Smooth draw filing is done with a mill file and can give a very smooth surface especially if followed with a scraper (one-tooth file).
  8. You can find me at: OCPINDUCTIONFORGE.COM
  9. There's another one that has a wire core too, you just wanna make sure you don't get fiber core like Ryan said. Oh, me? I'm just a recovering blacksmith.
  10. Are you saying he should not use the "extra improved plow steel"? Why?
  11. Independent Wire Rope Core. As opposed to fiber.
  12. Pretty nice Geoff! Humbling (and rewarding) to hear that I might have inspired you. Looks like you did a first rate job. LOL, you don't want to look in my head either!
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