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  1. keep up the good work my friend. chris.
  2. very cool pattern. thanks for sharing. chris.
  3. turned out nice. thanks for sharing. chris.
  4. looks good. thanks for sharing. i really like the transition from the blade to the handle in the guard.. really gives a visual to this is where the blade ends.. and the handle starts.. chris.
  5. hi, just rough the part of the micarta that will go on to the steel with some 60grit sand paper this gives the epoxy something to stick too.. scrape the tang up too.. wipe down with some acetone or whatever to remove oil.. and id drill the pin holes first in the tang.. put some tape on the tang and play around to get what pin pattern you want.. then clamp one piece of the micarta to the tang, and drill the holes.. glue the piece on, put the other piece of micarta on and drill the holes through.. and glue her up.. i probably would not even worry about peening the pins id use some larger pins for your project.. you have a lot of meat on your tang. and then after the glue is dried sand her down.. lots of ways to do this. this is just one way. chris.
  6. looks like she is gonna be a nice blade when you finish her.. thanks for sharing. chris.
  7. interesting piece. thanks for sharing. chris.
  8. i like it, thanks for sharing. chris.
  9. looks good. keep up the good work. chris.
  10. great work. keep it up chris.
  11. i dig it. id love to go whack some bamboo with her. chris.
  12. hey jim, the work looks good and well thought out. from what iv seen on some of the fancy knifes they get the titanium anodized to whatever color. most seem to be blue, and blacks and reds tho.. dunno if they can do other colors.. iv been reading up on how to build a slip joint folder.. so ill start with a friction folder first, then to a slip joint, and so on.. over this winter.. assuming i can stay healthy.. been in the hospital ER 2 times this month.. blah chris.
  13. thank you for sharing this. I have a question, do you have to use a flux ? cant wait to give this a try, will have to hit the hobbie store for cheep thin metal. chris.
  14. jipp

    First One

    welcome to the forum. keep the good work up. chris.
  15. looks great sam.. cant wait to see her finished chris.
  16. I really like this knife.. you accomplished your goals, you learn a lot im sure.. and the hamon is nice.. and to be honest i think the subtle hamon looks great with the carved handle.. a flashy hamon may of over power the carving? instead, they both (blade,handle) compliment each other with the bolster to tie it together!! as a whole , well i love it. chris.
  17. great looking knife>> lots of devil in the details there> its all good> thanks for sharing> chris>
  18. that is a great looking knife, thanks for sharing. you rock. chris.
  19. you just use a sharpie wright your name ( pattern, design, etc ) on the metal, then etch the blade. looks good to me.
  20. looks great. is alligator bones hard to get in your part of the woods? chris.
  21. looks good, i dig the snake skin pattern of the cable. chris.
  22. looks good keep up the good work. chris.
  23. looks like it would make a night have a bad helmet day. heh, what is the shaft made from, the grain/color looks good. chris.
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