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  1. do not be so hard on your self. :) i think they will get the job done just fine. take what you learn from these and put that information into your next one.. im new my self.. so i can relate to that over whelming feeling of so much to learn.. as one of my programming professors said years ago.. have to learn to walk before you run.. keep up the good work :)



  2. thanks for the feedback.. them pictures under the scope.. just reminded me even if the surface feels smooth, its still looks like a field of spikes. laughs.


    well im just gonna buy a 1k griit "kings" made in japan brand whetstone.. and go from there.. im new to this hobbie only forging 2 blades this spring before summer got here so next month ill start building again assuming we do not get some freakish heat wave and temps continue to stay in triple digits.. iv loved knives all my life and really enjoyed the process this spring. iv been collecting stuff all summer for this hobbie.. as long as learning... and building in my head.. and i figure in 3 years ill have more kinds of stones in my possession than i can shake a stick at. laughs..


    you guys rock.



    here was my second knife i made from a spike. i have a lot of practice to do before i get good i know.. but, thats ok.. if it was easy everyone would do it. :)



    i did try to make a spike knife cool looking.. not so easy to do :( heh.

  3. i like it jim.. looks like she will get the job done.. yeah, i really do not care for stainless knives.. the ones i have just do not hold a edge very well maybe its the type of stainless.. dunno t hanks for sharing.



  4. the more research i do on this subject.. the more im confused. lol


    no science.. trial and error seems to be the method to the madness.. or im missing the boat..


    about all iv learn is most people recommend a 1000 grit for your first whetstone.


    some say soak the stone a hour.. others say 3 mins. then you throw ceramic stones into the lot and you get you do not have to soak them just wet them..


    then some stones work better with a slurry some do not? bangs head on desk.



  5. i agree with matt.. most of the handles look to bulky.. shrugs, only reason i could think the handles were made that way is to give ya more to hold onto on a cold morning at sea with wet gloves on.


    keep up the good work. :)



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