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  1. cool idea.. iv been saving one of them pipe vice since i was 15. heh, never have needed it but hung onto it cause it was old when i found it and then just sorta stuck with me through life... you know you just drag it along with ya.. cause you have had it so long.. well now i have a use for it.. ill just haev to build a bigger heavier forge.. heh my little forge would tip over if welded the vice to it.. will keep this idea in the back of my head when i make a better forge.



    and think i spent a 180.00 for a heavy duty post vice to do the same thing.. when i had something already.. doh!!



  2. i would love to meet someone in this craft. yeah that is my part of the woods.. im waiting for fall my self to start forging. LOL. will def have to meet you friend im a noob and have lots to learn. :)



  3. i like it, keep up the good work. and just remember even the best of the best had to start some where.. yeah im new to this stuff my self.. but i look at the all the work of arts here as inspiration.. i will joke some times about i should just throw the towel in on some really nice knives.. but i have to much of my moms irish blood in me to give up for the most part.. which can be a bad thing. LOL and not beat my self up to hard... you did good man :)



  4. That's a really cool knife, once again. Two Questions:

    1. What's the handle material

    2. What's a KITH?



    kith == knife in the hat.. basically everyone builds one then they do a random drawing.. and you send your knife to whoever got drawn for it, and you get one in return. pretty cool way to experience knifes you may never get too other wise. :)



  5. looks good sam.. i like how you aged the handle.. gives it that old time feel.. no complaints, would love to swing her through a watermelon. :)


    thanks for sharing.



  6. wow,natural stones are expensive.. im to poor for such stones. if i win the lottery ill get the complete kit for 45,000 yen. i was sharpening a knife today thinking i should upgrade to some new stones... sigh. laughs


    we only live once so if you have the cash go for it i say. :)



  7. very cool.. i was just thinking today about a friction folder... yupp, gonna have to give one a try.. im to stupid to do any of the other type of folders. lol


    thanks for sharing.. you did good.



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