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  1. wow that iron has some figure to it.. was it wroght? i really like the whole concept, it just oozs zombie killer coolness.. thank you for sharing your fine work. chris.
  2. ok, that one with the skulls is cool. how was it done? you are a artist. was looking at your knives.. some of them are little to fancy for me but i really like your w-2 fighter. chris.
  3. looks like your boy has your talent. congrats, i bet that put a huge smile on your face spending time with your boy. thanks for sharing. i think i will call my sis and say i love her.. family rocks! chris.
  4. sounds like you been busy. iv only made none folders.. one day maybe ill think im smart enough to even try a folder. chris.
  5. sweet, one good looking blade. chris.
  6. nice.. as a old broken logger. you did the axe justice.. thanks for sharing. chris.
  7. looks good. i too have a lot of first to do come fall.. hope they turn out half as nice.. thanks for sharing. chris.
  8. jipp

    Water stones

    hey jim. i can understand your feeling. as humans we are so mental. ( that could be good or bad some days. lol ) its the little things that give us the feeling of satisfaction.. glad you found something that gives you peace. enjoy the therapy of usnig your stone.. relax... enjoy the process. chris.
  9. i like, that turned out great. the handle wrap is a nice touch.. chris.
  10. heh i spark test so others do not.. brave man.. thanks for sharing i find the old artifacts very interesting.. great idea on the mold.. i probably would of used silly putty cause thats what would of came to mind first. chris.
  11. brave.. but turned out.. so was worth it. heh chris.
  12. hey james, that set turned out great, i bet whoever gets it in the kith will cherish them for years to come.. glad you could put the wrought iron to use... one more month and i hope i can get to forgin.. thanks for sharing. chris.
  13. id take her to the prom. smooth lines. chris.
  14. jipp

    New Bowie

    classic, love it. chris.
  15. i like. looks like it wants to go beat the crap out of the woods right now.. chris.
  16. nice work.. now i know what i can make my little sister as she is not into knives.. i will make her a good kitchen knife.. but.. yeah she would dig a cross. thanks for sharing. chris.
  17. thats my kind of knife. may i ask you how you antiqued the blade? chris
  18. love the hamon. you rock. chris.
  19. jipp

    Old wootz

    i missed the 18 century part. thanks matt. chris.
  20. very cool. very interesting. thank you for posting. chris.
  21. jipp

    Old wootz

    what makes that bar of steel worth so much.. shrugs, yeah im a noob. chris.
  22. yeah i like that little guy too. the racing stripe grain is nice touch.. guess that piece of steel wanted to be made into a edge.. chris.
  23. well ill quote a a-10 pilot.. go ugly early if you want something to get done!! the work on the spine. iv always wonder how practical any kind of shark tooth is there.. i mean how many of us need it for barbwire. shrugs. thanks for sharing. chris.
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