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  1. wow. well hope you can save her. you guys put a lot of effort into her to have her go belly up. chris.
  2. i like it. from what little i have been learning you can change the amount of white by using a different polish.. some will accent the white, others wont.. at least thats what i got from the hybrid polishing dvd i bought. please correct me if im wrong in my thinking. cant wait to see you finish her. chris.
  3. that is a cool pattern. chris.
  4. jipp

    Recurve Hunter

    nice pig s ticker. chris.
  5. thats huge. lol. wonder what it would of been used for, some kind of right of passage maybe? chris.
  6. hate to sound like a broken record but first thing that came to my mind was "wicked" no alligators here just snakes and spiders o my. chris.
  7. keep up the hard work young man.. look forward to seeing future work from you chris.
  8. that is one fine sword.. great idea to shave some weight off and looks cool. chris.
  9. nice work.. id be so afraid of my hand slipping and slitting my palm wide open. but iv never handle a knife like yours so maybe my concerns are unwanted.. keep up the good work. chris.
  10. wow, hefty knife indeed.. should make a great camp knife.. i think id want a little longer, but we all like different things.. thanks for sharing. chris.
  11. not sure what to call it.. but its yours name her what you like.. she is very nice. easy on the eyes. chris.
  12. aww such a kitchen knife every chef and back yard bbq guy/gal would love. thanks for sharing. chris.
  13. jipp

    Eagle head

    thats way cool. chris.
  14. The Abominal Sword"... i like the name. LOL, well if you got peoples panties in a bind.. you must be doing something right. as you must know the rules before you break them.. so pfft on the purist anyhow, i can respect there point of view but you know we still be in the stone age if we did not experiment!!!.. you do this for your own enjoyment anyhow. and if other people like your work.. thats great too. life is way to short for the peanut gallery. by the way you guys are doing some great work. look forward to seeing this project finsih, and will cross my fingers for the water quench.. chris.
  15. great knives. for some reason #1 is my favorite. even tho the handle shape is odd sorta hour glass scavi high breed thing.. im weird so maybe thats why it speaks to me. .. its odd but works.. thanks for sharing. chris.
  16. looks great. thanks for sharing.. cant wait to see the next project you are working on. chris.
  17. its a man made plastic. its used mostly for kitchen counter tops and what not. nice knife. my bother gave me 50lbs of corian to play with. he got in the trash at a job sight he was on.. chris.
  18. looks good clint, everything works fine. chris.
  19. i have the hardware they removed from my leg.. before i got a fake knee.. hmm.. wonder what kind of metal it is. laughs. cobalt i think. yeah, i was in a bad accident so im half fake now.. 3 months ago i got a spinal stimulator, laughs.. yeah, that is stuck in my spine for life tho.. fun! chris.
  20. yeah that blade says pick me up and use me please.. very nice.. you did good. chris.
  21. wow, that thing is sweet. you out did your self. thanks for sharing. chris.
  22. wow, i like the hamon.. its art in its own right.. thanks for sharing. chris.
  23. well safe to say you nailed your goal with a gold medal!! chris.
  24. nice carving. thanks for sharing. chris.
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