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  1. gonna sound like a broken record here.. but NICE. heh. chris.
  2. i use to be a avid fly fisherman till i moved to the desert, doh!!.. very cute knife.. now lets go get some fish!! chris,.
  3. looks good.. is some pretty ironwood. chris.
  4. jipp

    few WIP

    looks like you been busy.. i see a pretty blade in all of them.. with some elbow grease you will have some bling bling!! looking at the last one, is that a crack that runs all the way through? looks like it? chris.
  5. thank you clint. real love the piece.. chris.
  6. that looks great. the basket dose look like it would be intimidation to even start. you did good. thanks for sharing.. you rocked that basket.. chris.
  7. it looks very well built.. i think the tip fits the overall beef of the knife just fine.. thank you for sharing. chris.
  8. looks great, would be nice to have in the kitchen i think.. thanks for sharing. Chris.
  9. wow. i would love to be able to carv anything.. would be a good skill to have. you rock sir. chris.
  10. my kind of knife. you did good im sure he will be happy i think, or he fails.. heh. thanks for sharing. chris.
  11. wow Clint.. i love it. today is the second time iv read paper steel.. can you explain what is meant by that? thank you. chris.
  12. jipp


    looks great. thanks for sharing. chris.
  13. looks great. you rock. chris.
  14. looks good.. the wood really pops.. im gonna have to ask what did you use to finish your handle too.. thanks for sharing. the mosaic pin.. looks good im assuming its just the picture hiding the detail giving the look of sanded out/faded mosaic pin. thank you for sharing. i cant wait for fall so i can start forging!! chris.
  15. cute little knife. i have some scrap aluminum i was thinking of using. guess ill have to cut it up into usable chunks.. its in a huge block right now.. 6 feet long by 4" thick by 6" wide. was gonna take it in to recycle but figured i could find a use for it one day. ill have to get a buffer too.. from what iv read and been told the buffer is most dangerous tool in the knife shop.. thanks for sharing. chris.
  16. that screams quality.. very nice.. thank you for sharing. chris.
  17. its a great looking knife.. im sure he will be pleased. thanks for sharing. chris.
  18. heh cute.. thanks for sharing. chris.
  19. looks good so far.. cant wait to see how you finish her off. chris.
  20. very nice. what did you use for the pommel? err, i see.. never mind. laughs. looks good.. thanks for sharing. i really need to read closer. these triple digits ( temp ) are making me brain dead. sigh.. chris.
  21. jipp


    heck yeah, that blade is very elegant, screams class and we can not forget mystical powers it must have with in its steel. chris.
  22. that looks great. thanks for sharing. chris.
  23. hmm, great idea. now i know what to make my sis for Christmas. i like the inlay subtle but really sets the mood of the piece. chris.
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