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  1. the pattern looks great. the carving work is fantastic too.. over all great knife. thanks for sharing.. chris.
  2. welcome. thanks for sharing. chris.
  3. looks great walker. thank you for sharing. Chris.
  4. wow.. drools.. that is so cool.. i live in rattle snake country.. much respect. you rock!! chris conover.
  5. looks great graham.. check your email. hope you had great 4th. chris.
  6. wow.. so lucky... thank goodness she is ok.. man... scary to even think about what could of happen.. what are the chances.. crazy man.. chris.
  7. ok, im into archery, and that thing just screams cool to me.. like a arrow head on steroids.. sweet man.. thanks for sharing. chris.
  8. you did right clint. im 34 and have a fake knee and a spinal column stimulator.. today is the 5th anniversary of having my fake knee installed. laughs.. when we are young we think we are bullet proof.. till we get old and then we wonder why we did all that stupid stuff. chris.
  9. jipp

    steak knife

    looks good. thank you for sharing. chris.
  10. wow. very nice.. hope her knee gets better soon.. im just now collecting stuff to learn to make sheaths.. i may as well give up now.. sigh. heh thank you for sharing. chris.
  11. wow. im glad she is ok. here in arizona we have a law because a little girl got hit in the head by a random bullet someone shot into the air. just cant be shooting random shots into the air.. common sence you would think.. hope she gets better soon.. and thankful was not your kid.. stuff like that can traumatize the young.. heck even us oldies. chris.
  12. WOW. hubba hubba.. that women is hot.. heh.. you work is amazing.. the talent on this forum is mad crazy.. hope some of it rubs off.. love it!! chris.
  13. man all these great knifes.. lost of inspiration.. thank you for telling us how you did the bolster/guard.. i was thinking it was a metal sandwiched using fiberboard for the jelly ( yeah its lunch time lol ).. till i saw the bigger picture.. carbon makes a great black. heh.. you rocked that knife. chris.
  14. im a fan of big knifes.. and you sir made a nice one.. do you have any reading material you can recommend on hammons? thanks. happy 4th!! chris.
  15. wow.. im in love.. if i had a daughter id let you have her. LOL. you have a great 4th. once again.. great looking knife.. one day i hope to do half as good as that. thanks for sharing. chris.
  16. looks like its gonna make a fine blade when you finish her Willie. i just scored some wrought iron.. i will be giving my hand at forge welding this fall.. its summer time here in Arizona.. and im a wimp.. no forging till fall. chris.
  17. i like it. thank you for sharing. chris.
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