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  1. is this still for sale terry
  2. love the look sam, very rustic. handle looks more comfy than most terry
  3. how much for the mini santoku and khuki posted to 4285 cedar vale australia thank oyu terry
  4. i attached one of the first antler handles i done ages ago with industrial silicon and i still cant get it to let go. it was a hidden tang not a full tang.hole drilled into the antler. most of the knives i have made have this type of tang not full tang with scales. terry
  5. thanks again dee. will give the pitch a go as i have some i can make. if it dosent work i will try epoxy or the yellow glue terry
  6. would a pine pitch work. i use one to bind the points on my arrows terry
  7. i have been making some of my handles out of two pieces of timber grooved then glued together. i do pin most of them but not all thanks again terry
  8. thank you very much kind miss. will any kind of epoxy work or do thay make ones for timber. i know there are different sorts for different applications. i use one at word for gluing steel into concrete, and a different one for applications at home. i even made a cheese glue once but what a drama that was thank you terry
  9. need help with a glue for glueing two piece handles. have been using pva but it keeps letting go. normaly use antler when i can get it, but getting harder to find lately thank you terry
  10. mike is this sword and your cuttless still up for sale. if so what would the post be to the land of oz thank you terry
  11. mike. there is no way i would bust you up. i love this sword and it would be mine if i had the money,and your cuttless is just as nice.
  12. dave thank you. i figured that it was way to hot but just needed to know. i do use a magnet, but due to size of knife and time of day ( midday) it must have heated way faster than i was expecting. as for the water it will be replaced with atf when i get it.
  13. quick question. is there a max temp that 5160 can be quenched at. i quenched a skinning size knife the other day in water ( have done several before with no problem) and it ended up with crazy cracks all over it. i was thinking that it might have been too hot when i quenched. i know that it is better to quench in oil , but i had success 3 times prior using the same piece of steel
  14. mike. hope you dont mind. i posted a pic of this work of art over on sbg in a discussion. if i had the money it would be mine. if you still have it in a couple of weeks i might be lucky enough to make it mine terry
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