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  1. very nice Stephan; it looks very rugged and solidly built.
  2. What are the dimensions of the blade? I'm guessing it will be used as a skinner, yes? if it is I would recommend taking the teeth from the file off of the blade otherwise it might be a bit difficult to clean fat and blood off the knife.
  3. Im definitely going to have to get that 50$ knife shop book. thanks for the suppliers guys. ill do some price comparisons and shipping comparisons.
  4. thanks A.J. I had been under the impression that it was high carbon steel because when i did my rough filing it seemed to have hardened and filing took a frustrating amount of effort and time just to get my little splotches i wanted but then my dad said that it was probably some sort of high alloy steel. so frustrating when I made it from one of sixty steel flat bars i got and if it turns out to not be good steel then they are useless for any serious work.
  5. Thanks Dee. I hope that it will harden.
  6. yeah I no mike; way corny name but its the only think i could think of and i liked the way the letters look lol. J.- hmm, so i should be more scientific in my approach if i try welding in the future? I think i might go with your idea of just getting a different piece of steel. It seems more trouble than its worth to stick with this particular piece and fudge around with it so much:/. In the mean time until i get my hands on the right steel I have an associate who has commissioned me with coal to make him a skinner out of a horse shoe he gave me. Though it is most likely going to be kept on the
  7. Dave, thanks for the draw filing tip. I looked it up and felt like an idiot for how i filed on my first knife! lol humility is a very stern master. J. -thanks for recommending i take a look at Tai Goo's work. lol they sure blow my dagger thing gummy out of the water, though i definitely notice his unique style. Thanks guys for the encouragement and the chastising to. As an author i have come to realize that while so called "constructive criticism" is nice there is very little i can learn or improve if people just spout praise so i enjoy "destructive criticism."
  8. It appears i have committed an act of great evil. I beg your forgiveness of my erroneous ways. I shalt follow your sage wisdom in the future. By any chance do any of you know a good cheap supplier of high carbon steel that i can get my dad to order steel from? Unfortunately i'm way out in the middle of freakin' nowhere so there is no supplier at hand. is there any way other than the spark test to determine the exact grade of a piece of steel with out sending it off to the lab. ?
  9. This is a knife i made for a friend of mine. it is actually one of the first test knives i made when i was learning to work the steel. When his birth day came up i decided to salvage it. I wire brushed its surface and cleaned it before etching it with coca-cola (I cant believe we actually drink that stuff and haven't had all our teeth dissolved!) I was aiming for a nice tribal look so i went with a leather wrapped handle and sharpened the edges with only a file. (yes i also went with that look because i was too lazy to spend the extra time to do more forging on it and a long finishing proces
  10. Thats a good idea Michael. hmmm. I should probably do a few test runs on some scrap steel i have to get the hang of it.
  11. J.- the bar is 11 inches long an inch wide and 3/8 ths of an inch thick. what im aiming to do is shorten the bar and widen it so then i can work it into a super broad skinner. so far i have been gradually shortening it by heating up the last 1/2 to 3/4s of an inch of the steel to orange and upsetting it. I was wondering if there is any secret technique that you guys might know that might make it a less tedious process. Dave- thanks for the advice and the book recomendations. The $50 knife shop one sounds good for me (dont have a very large budget). unfortunately because of my age i cant or
  12. hmm thanks for the advice. lol i was rather impatient with the finishing process. J. good idea to look at other knives for handle ideas the horseshoe knife is an integral handle but im planning on doing another skinner with a hamon and a handle out of oak or maple. by any chance does anyone know if their is an easy silver bullet way of shortening and widening a long thin steel blank, because upsetting is quite tedious when the steel bends so often because it is so thin.
  13. As borrat would say, "very nice" AJ. looks good. Hey if you need some help or you want to collaborate on a project just let me know okay? i have a pic. of my first knife up in show and tell but youve already seen it.
  14. thanks guys. between this knife and my second (two different styles and finishes) i learned a whole lot. Right now i'm working on turning a horseshoe into a skinning knife. nice n' short easy to work with blade probably going to polish it and go with gun bluing for finishing.
  15. Thanks Chuck. Yeah, noah, a lot of people are really reserved when doing their first knives, thanks for the compliment about my approach.
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