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  1. This system runs off of your compressor. It comes with the graver handle, peddle, regulator and air dryer, 11 gravers, 3 quick change holders and allen wrench. Instructions included. Price: $275 plus shipping. I can take check, money order, cashier's check, or paypal (add 4%). Interested parties contact me at ericmycue374@comcast.net
  2. NEW PRICE After further thought, $400 is a bit much, so the new price is $300 plus shipping. If you use paypal (add 4%). Interested parties contact me at ericmycue374@comcast.net
  3. NEW DEAL ON THE STEEL Okay, I now can take paypal. So, all who have been asking can pay using paypal. I really need to move this stuff, so I'm selling the 1075 1/4" bars (1/4" X 4" X 60") for $200 dollars (you pay shipping). That's .67 cents a pound for about 300#s (18 pieces) of steel. This is a great deal. The only thing I ask is that the purchaser work with me to figure out how to ship this stuff. If your interested email me at ericmycue374@comcast.net
  4. Hej Peter! Yes, I keep meaning to contact you. You know, the tyranny of the moment! Right. I hope all is well with you too. Email me sometime. ericmycue374@comcast.net Best, Eric
  5. This is a Omega CN132 temperature controller in a hazardous environment box. I originally had it made for my high temp salt bath, but I ended up moving and never set the system up. It has a type K inconel shielded thermocouple (-300 to 2600F). In addition, it has a 1/4" NPT selnoid valve to hook up to your gas supply. To turn it on, you simply plug it into a typical 110 outlet and it is ready to go. Originally I was going to mount the unit to the wall near my salt rig. The thermocouple must be placed in a stainless tube before it is inserted into the salt this will help prolong the life
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