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  1. I can't stress how impressed I have been with my induction forge. I have used this machine for about 2 years and for 7 hours straight one day and it performed flawlessly. It works wonders for forging, ( It does change the way in which you forge because you can control the heat zone). Forge welds with ease (although size is limited so I very seldom use it for this), and over the past few months Dave Lisch and myself have been testing heat treating with it, which it has shown its ability to do so with an improvement in grain structure over heat treating with a salt bath. However because of the frequency this too has some limitations. I have also hard soldered full nickel silver sheaths with it (although that is a bit tricky). I use it to take the hardness out of the tang of blades after heat treat and occasionally for light heating to take out warpage. Every week I seem to find another use for it in the shop, heck I have even heated up the steering bar for my tractor when I was changing out the ball joints that were rusted on tight. Heated them to a dull red and they came off no problem. Great piece of equipment Tom Ferry
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