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  1. I agree with Dave's dissagreement. Man, that's gonna come off as confusing. Haha. I can't see the tang to comment on it, but your hamon is lovely and it appears you have finished it to an acceptable level. Which is not a common occurence with the beginning knifemaker, IMO. It appears you have something to work with here. I wouldn't give up on it so soon. Maybe drop the point a bit more, and finish it out. Brandon
  2. About 2 hours not including heat treat. Brandon
  3. Up for sale is a small kiridashi I just completed. This would make a handy little desk knife. Specs- -3 3/4" from tip to tip -1 1/4" wide at widest point -3/16" L6 steel -Textured on bevel side -600 grit hand rubbed bevel and flat side -All edges have been rounded for comfort -3/16" lanyard hole Price: $45.00 shipped CONUS Thanks for looking, Brandon Sullivan Knifeworks
  4. Nice. My guess on the wood is also either osage or mulberry, leaning more towards mulberry.
  5. Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind words. Pete, I started with a 52" circular saw blade so I had plenty of width at my disposal. You're right on the money though, its 2 1/4" at its widest point and 2" at the most narrow point. Dave, I see and understand what you mean. I'll take that into account on the next one.
  6. Here's my latest finished up. Specs: 10 1/2" blade 5 1/4" handle 3/16" L6 steel Figured American walnut and cypress laminated scales 3/16" steel pins Flat ground with a secondary bevel, and sharpened swedge. This blade will eat through a 2x4 like no ones business. This is the largest recurve I have done, it proved to be quite a challenge, but it was well worth it, in my opinion. I apologize for the smudges on the blade in the photographs. Should have cleaned it more thouroughly after some time in the woods with it earlier. Thanks for looking, Brandon
  7. Doug, Thanks for your honesty and your kind words. I agree the design isn't for everyone. Brandon
  8. Here's one I started this week. Got the bevels rough ground and I'm wating for some new belts to continue. I am looking for some opinions on the aesthetics of the knife. Specs: Blade is 3/16" thick and is 10" tip to plunge, the handle is a shade over 5" and the blade is 2 1/4" wide. Thanks for looking, Brandon Sullivan
  9. Here's one up for sale. Specs: -OAL: 9 1/4" -Blade length: 4 1/2" -Handle length: 4 1/2" -1/4" 1084FG, Flat ground with hamon -Highly figured American Walnut scales -3/16" Stainless pin -Tapered tang I'm asking $175, free shipping in CONUS Shoot me an e-mail if interested. (bsullivan 2192 @ hotmail . com) (remove spaces) Thank you for taking the time to look. Brandon Sullivan
  10. I appreciate it man. Brandon
  11. Thats very nice. Brandon
  12. Thats just cool right there. Brandon
  13. Jake, Really nice lines on this one, and the hamon is excellent. Brandon
  14. Kevin- Thanks. I had to resist the urge to re-clay it for the third time in a row after I kept contemplating how to get some good action in the hamon. Addictive indeed. But it's just another one to add to the pile. Dave- Thank you, Dave. I am a big fan of Serge's style. I consider your words to be a great compliment. Sam- Thanks. I was digging that integral sword you did recently. I thank everyone else also. I really appreciate the kind words. Brandon
  15. Here's one hot off the press. My first integral guard, first hamon, and first tapered tang. The blade has been polished to 600 grit, then lightly buffed on a cotton wheel. Scales are also taken to 600 grit with a tung oil finish. Specs: OAL: 9 1/4" Blade length: 4 1/2" Handle length: 4 1/2" -1/4" 1084FG, Flat ground with a hamon -Highly figured American Walnut scales -3/16" Stainless pin -Tapered tang Thanks for looking! Brandon
  16. I believe he was asking if the front portion of your handle was the heart wood of a pine tree. As in the heart (center) of the tree, compared to the sapwood.
  17. Very nice blade, George. Brandon
  18. Great WIP, its always neat to see another maker's process. That's a functional work of art. Brandon
  19. Here's one I started and finished today. I have been wanting to do a featherweight model, and decided that today was the day. The blade is 1/8" edge quenched L6, hand-rubbed to 600 grit, dressed with snakewood scales and 3/16" stainless pins. It weighs in at a hefty 1.7 oz. (0.1 oz. less than your average tablespoon) Blade is 3" sporting a 4" handle. You can just make out the quench line in the correct lighting. The blade is ground thin and it cuts like a straight razor. This one was fun and I plan to do a few more soon. Thanks for looking, Brandon
  20. Up for sale is a guardless bowie. Needing some cash for some more supplies or Id be keeping this one for myself. The blade is 3/16" L6 steel with a faux hamon(etched). It is flat ground with a rounded and polished spine with an unsharpened clip point. The sculpted handle is some nice figured bocote. Overall length is just shy of 10" and the sharpened cutting edge is 4 3/8". I am asking $185.00 shipped. Thanks for looking, Brandon
  21. Just completed this one tonight and thought I would share it. This is my attempt at a guardless bowie, and I think it turned out pretty well. The steel is L6 with a faux hamon, and a sculpted bocote handle. The blade is flat ground with a rounded and polished spine with an unsharpened clip point. Thanks for looking, Brandon
  22. Yep, they are very shy birds. If they see anything they don't like, they're gone. One day when headed to the river for a bit of bass fishing, I saw a bald eagle on the side of the road, feasting away on a dead coyote. I stopped next to it, no more than 10 feet away. It just glared at me as if I had interrupted dinner. Never decided he needed to fly away. I left it be and headed down the road. Of course all this happened on a day I had decided to leave my camera at the house. Thanks for the kind words James. Brandon
  23. B.Finnigan, I agree they are very difficult to capture, most definetely a challenge. It took me about 3 months of attempts and then I finally got them both on the same day, around 1/4 mile from one another. Thanks for the kind words, Brandon
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