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  1. Hey Sam, I am right outside Fayetteville NC.
  2. I am looking to sell my McNabb press. I bought this from Tommy is 2014. It's in great shape but the dies could do with some resurfacing. I would like 4000 for it. It would be for local pickup only I have no way of delivering.
  3. I am selling my 25 pound Little Giant Hammer. Its up and running but I'm sure it could use some love. I bought it a few years ago with intentions to build a foundation for it an install it so i could use it and never had the chance. I have it fixed to a pallet for transportation right now. It has the quick change die setup and I have an extra set of dies and also a copy of the little giant book. I would like SOLD for it. Pickup only I am located in Harnett county NC. Any questions hit me up. Travis
  4. Sorry for the delay Karl. I'll get payment out to you tomorrow if its still good with you. Travis
  5. Thanks guys I appreciate it. I am thinking of going with something along the lines of what Jerrod or Joshua recommend if I can figure it out. I am not super great at this yet so we will see. My degree is Computer Science so I have had a good amount of math but this class and one more calc class are all I have left. I cannot wait.
  6. Hi all, Kinda an odd question here. I am taking calculus for my degree and I have to come up with a real application and work out a problem with it. I am trying to come up with something concerning blacksmithing or bladesmithing hopefully dealing with derivatives since I am bad at integrals but haven't been able to come up with any good ideas as of yet. Being really bad at calculus isn’t making this any easier lol. I know there are some really smart folks here so I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas? Just figured I would ask but no worries if no one has anything. I know it’
  7. If you have any more to sale please let me know Karl I would like to buy some.
  8. I wanted to get an iron kiss hammer but since Mr. Larson is no longer making these hammers I am strongly considering a MZ75 hammer from kensiron and I was wondering if anyone had experience with them. They look pretty good to me.
  9. I got a 240 line put in my shop for my press. I am pretty happy about it.
  10. This is awesome thanks for showing this. I think I would like to give it a go. Where is a good place to order the silver from? I have never bought any precious metals before like this.
  11. I got it from speedymetals.com since I had a coupon for them. I guess I'll see how it works out.
  12. Thanks guys. I was just thinking 1020 because I have seen that used and knew it would fit the bill. I didn't really think of 1018. I've ordered some of that though and am going to give it a go.
  13. Does anyone know where I can get 1020 steel preferably in bar or plate? I am wanting to use it for the body of some hawks I want to make but can't seem to find a supply of it. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the kind words. Doug, its 1080 and 15N20.
  15. yeah I was trying to take the pictures with my phone and that one is the only one that was not blurry lol.
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