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  1. The knife looks good! I can see that getting good use in a kitchen. In terms of carving the wood; Looks like your using palm wood, which in my experience has not been the most forgiving material. I always had problems with the black fibrous parts wanting to pull out and super glue seemed to be a must. So ( I ) wouldn't even try to carve palm. An oil coat like linseed would darken the lighter fibrous part quite a bit and leave a nice sheen. Of course Linseed may not be the best oil if you intend to use it in the kitchen, although imho I would be more concerned about what oil was on the blad
  2. I have been playing around with kitty litter, the plain kind with no coating, as it is Bentonite clay, with different mixtures of ash charcoal and crushed brick. I have been having problems with getting it to properly stay on through the entire heat treat. That is 3x normalize then the quench. The cloest I have gotten was applying a wash for the normalize to prevent scaling, then applying the rest of the clay before the quench. Any clay will work for providing the refractory properties, the issue is getting it to stay on properly. Check out these threads as a start. Bowie w/ HT Clay HT I
  3. Elegant and simple. I really like your leather work.
  4. Another important consideration is cleaning. 22's now-a-days, minus the magnum, shoot lubricted bullets and cleaning can be put off for quite a while. Centerfire rifles on the other hand will get copper, lead and powder buildup rather quickly and need frequent cleaning. Especially if you buy a new rifle. Everyone has different voodoo practices to perform on their new rifle to "break in" the barrel. My point tho is you will need a cleaning rod, jag and brush for w/e caliber you do buy, as well as proper solvents and lubricants so it'll last more than a lifetime.
  5. Congrats on the acquisition and amen!
  6. not sure if anyone really explasined in above post as i kinda just breezed through them, but the difference between rimfire and centerfire... Rimfire is not reloadable as stated above. It comes with the primer in that rim of the cartridge. when you pull the trigger a pin hits the rim and bang. The cartridge's life is over. 22 shorts, LR, and mangums are rimfire. Centerfire on the other hand is probably what you think of when you hear bolt action. If you look at a centerfire cartridge on the bottom you will see a small primer that is a pressed into the cartridge. Once shot the spent
  7. I 2nd the demoguy. One of my fav. target rifles is currently my savage 22-250. Can shoot it all day without a sore shoulder and a great little varmit hunter if you ever get bored with targets. The .223 would be easier/cheaper to get ammo for. Savage might be a little pricey new, but keep the caliber in mind when shopping.
  8. Only thing I can think of is if you use oiled finishes for handles you kinda wanna watch out what you use. Eg: Boiled Linseed oil is not the tastiest stuff.
  9. be sure to point out as well that with that fine anvil in your shop you could make this gentleman a fine objet d'art. Might help.
  10. While the torch marks may be disappointing as Mr. Longmire pointed out I wouldn't wig youself out to much over it. The rest of the face appears to be in great shape and there is plenty of space to work around it. My Peter Wright has a some similar damage except my corners dont look as clean, I was bummed at first but found working around them to be easy enough and a few of the corner marks have actually come in useful. Hope you can workout a sweet deal.
  11. that 2nd pic looks like maybe an eagle? maybe its just scuffed? maybe im seeing things.
  12. Awesome job. Ingenious how you fixed/covered up the break. I prob would have heat treated the blank and then smacked it with a hammer just to show it how much trouble it caused. Your way seems more productive.
  13. Very clean. Do you know the specific type of locust that is.
  14. http://swordforum.com/metallurgy/ites.html all I could find.
  15. 4 more pics of them on wiki-garbage-pedia.
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