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    Tukish twist

    Oh Hello jdm61, I like what I saw at the JM forge site! I could learn a lot from those people about leathercraft. I'll be in Gembloux since I'm a member of the BKS and I look forward to see that work. Great job,the knives and the sheats. Respect.
  2. VBG

    Tukish twist

    Hi Athanor, Thanks for showing my work to people living on the other side of the ocean. VBG
  3. VBG

    F. J. Richtig

    Hi guys, I'm living in Belgium and I red about Frank Richtig in a book called Knife Talk written by ....of course ....Ed Fowler (page 75).Read about the test they did! I think it's time to change the title of this article: "The best knifemaker nobody remembers" since some of us will remember him . Looking at the pic of the display it seems to me he made knives for people using in kitchen as well as hunters etc.... Somehow this reminds me of(no offence meant) Buck knives since they cut nails in two with the"famous for holding an edge"slogan.(no?)OK maybe not exactly the same but if you can make a knife as good you're on the right track. VBG
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