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  1. Tom, Lets not forget you are a great teacher as well...Thanks brother Paul
  2. In my Personal Opinion Tom is THE MAN when it comes to this...ALL of his work if phenome..phenome...Excellent
  3. Looks like I gotta chance as well...sigh... Paul Estes please
  4. Hey, sorry to bother folks, I currently am in the Pittsburgh Pa area and have a Katana that needs HT'd and I no longer have a shop at the moment to work in. I am hoping to find someone with experience in creating Hamon's and a trough big enough to handle a katana sized piece. Thanks in advance...
  5. Scrimshaw his teeth while singing the barney song
  6. wow so you can actually place twists in the antler....that could be interesting
  7. Personally I just assume any piping exp that for plumbing and or moving water is galvanized. In case you dont know it is used to prevent corrosion and iz Zinc Based which is not good to heat up and breath in. If however you do heat it in your forge a good sign is the color of the flame and a whitish residue that will show up on your forge.
  8. I knew someone that would take old 4" ers and press them into ashtrays
  9. I used to work for a company pricing out the waterjet at 90 an hour for cutting so however long the job took. Laser might be a bit different in pricing.
  10. chuckles, Dancing Frog has a web site, and I found my old 5lb dogshead hammer but it would cost you an arm and a leg for it. And for the record I have a 10lber on a regular hammer type handle that is my safe queen and its awkward even picking it up.
  11. Its a thing of beauty wish i had the time space and money
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