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    I've been building automatic leaf and coil spg autos (stilettos are my specialty) for a little over 10 years. Very passionate about this!<br />I love to bowhunt ( especially turkey)<br />I love long Harley ride in the hills (I own a custom Burget)<br />I'am a gun nut. I collect switchblades and I'm in the process of building a 1946 Ford truck
  1. Eye Candy Peter! ( I like Doug Ponzio's steel as well)
  2. that Hawk's waay too nice to throw! that's a wall hanger I remember those mtn man gatherings I took my youngest son to...we used to practice and practice some more (beater hawks) good memories anyway, that's one nice hawk !
  3. NICE! I like the 3rd piece best...
  4. JD yes...looser the fit the more peening going on every time you fire one still get the peening on a custom but good blade grade hardened steels make alot of difference in the wear and tear on em. The average Italian stiletto is going to have low grade steel thanks to you guys for the nice words
  5. Dave........no kidding .....couldn't have said it better
  6. thanks to all you guys! made my day on the 1st the scales are apple coral ...... the 2nd .....scales are real malachite cut from a slab the customer I built it for sent me. I broke the first 3 button/safety side scales drilling the button hole. I used a diamond bit w/ water but still too fragile. Finally got it done after epoxying the blank to a piece of spacer... I spent a week on the scales of that knife....first piece I've ever done using an actual gemstone for scales ....probably the last.. 3rd piece....scales are giraffe bone with a nice single line of checking through the center appreciate the nice words!
  7. I think of all the autos I build the swings are the most difficult . The guard needs to sit solid with no play against the liners when closed and solid against the bolsters when open with no play... can't count how many blades and guards that have gone in the trash in the process! Once everythings solid both directions I usually celebrate! .001 makes a difference.... the accoustics on swings when opening are sweet. they sound like a mini pump shotgun when cycling a shell quickly! here are a couple more recent pieces thanks for looking
  8. thanks Pat got one but kinda crappy..need to work on the pic skills
  9. hi ...hoping to learn to post here and meet a few "real" knife folks. Thought I'd experiment a little , maybe learn how to get around and then move to the fit and finish and hopefully trade some tricks....Some talent on this Forum! damn hope I did this pic right my version of "Black Beauty" Picklock (copied a vintage 50's Blk Beauty in my collection) ground the blade from cpm154 solid nickel f and r bolsters 17-7ph stainless tablock/spine 17-7 liners nickel silver release button internal release pins and toggle 440c hardened to a 59-60 black micarta scales well, put the pic up twice! almost got it
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