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  1. That is an outstanding Bowie sir
  2. Hello Peter, Yes I make my pivot screws from 303 stainless. Thanks
  3. Forged 5160 blade. titanium frame, carbon fiber onlay. About 4 1/2" closed length. Flat ground hand rubbed finish. Thanks for looking, Buddy
  4. Chuck, I made a plain leather sheath for the knife. Thanks for the comment. Buddy
  5. Finished a Bowie with a 8" blade of 1080 and stainless fittings. Thanks for looking.
  6. My T2 folder with damascus(1080&15n20) and G10. Thanks for looking
  7. Finished a small EDC with 1080 blade and stag. About 7" overall length. Thanks for looking,
  8. Finished a forged and flat ground blade with stag and stainless fittings. Thanks for looking,
  9. ART KNIVES, UTILITY KNIVES, FOLDING KNIVES, This is only my 2 cents worth. I think an auction is a good idea. Buddy
  10. No it's not a takedown, but that's a good idea. Thanks for the comments guys. Buddy
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